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The show’s producers consulted with the various stakeholders to determine if the service of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe

Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer they were eternizados in the story of the first season of the tv Friends. However, the players did not choose to immediately play a leading role in the show.

The show’s producers consulted with the various stakeholders in order to bring to life the main characters the same as they were, which the artists were asked to interpret the Rachel, Ross, Monica, I, Joey and Phoebe.

So, we set 6 of the artists that it almost formed a cast of the Friends. Check it out:

Ellen DeGeneres – Phoebe Buffay

According to the web site Hollywood.comthe comedian Ellen DeGeneres he was the first choice of the producers for the role of Phoebe Buffay. However, it’s currently the host of the The Ellen DeGeneres Show he refused the offer. It is not difficult to imagine Ellen in the role of Phoebe, she has become one of the stars the most witty of the United States of america.

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Mitchell Whitfield – Ross Geller

Mitchell Whitfield
it came very close to getting the role Ross Geller. The actor has revealed to the The Guardian“I went back many times, and I have found that the role of Ross, it was up to me. I went down to the end, and I was auditioning for the series. At the last minute, they said, ‘We’re going to bring in another guy to read it’. That guy was David Schwimmer”.

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Hank Azaria – Joey Tribbiani

Hank Azaria it’s the only one on the list, that is, in fact, asked to sign in at the main cast, and it was rejected both times. The actor has revealed to the IN“I was there, I took the test for the Joey and I got rejected. But – and this is the first and only time I did it – I asked him to come back. “I know you told me not to for a time, but I just want to try it again because I liked it so much in the series. I have returned… and I got the other one, not the quick one. As fast as you can for the first time.

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Janeane Garofalo – Monica Geller

The producers thought the actress Janeane Garofalo when you have written on the role of the Monica Geller. Who is the creator of the series, and the By David Cranesaid: “When we wrote the paper originally, we had the voice of a Janeane Garofalo in our heads […] A more dark, edgy and critical.

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Jon Cryer – Chandler Bing

Jon Cryer it almost has the interpretation of I. The actor Two and a Half Men he revealed this in an interview: “I was in a play, in London, and I received a phone call at three in the morning saying, ‘We have this program called Six of One – the temporary name for the series, and we’d like you to do a test for it.

He added: “I can’t, and I read it as a person from the cast of the british, they took the tape, and they said they would take them to L. A.. So, I went to the house, and a few days later, I was told that the tape did not arrive in time for the executive officers of the issuer attend”.

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Tea Leoni – Rachel Green

In accordance with the Metro UK, Tea Leoni it was highly considered for the role of Rachel Green. However, the actress got a role on the series The Naked Truththat was cancelled after the first season.

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