Any Gabrielly shows all the details of their quarantine, and the recording of the Now United are made up of home – Lsusports

Any Gabrielly that is, the representative of Brazil, on the Now, The United. Even for quarantine purposes, the group is not to produce content, including video clips, songs, and videos-good fun and entertaining. In addition to all this, Any it has also taken time to give you exclusive entertainment for its fans. In between singing lessons and coaching in dance, she has presented her very own live show with a special guest.

+ The interview: Any Gabrielly, Now United manager, talks about the positive impact of its fame to the spice girls

+ Now, the United: “Dana Dana” is a clip recorded from a distance with the amazing editing!

To find out more about her work at the quarantine, the lsusports managed to get a little bit of time for Any. We asked for the artist as it is to comply with the social and to take care of so many tasks.

lsusports: How is your routine in the quarantine?

Any Gabrielly: I feel like I’m more busy than normal, and you have quite a project associated with it, and at the same time, I wanted to learn everything that you didn’t know! I’m doing a class in Spanish, vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, and currency. Even with all of this, yet the arrangement is a little bit of time to chill out and not freak out (lol).

tt: who has been to the social? What do you like to do juntxs?

A: I Am going in the insulation with my mom and sister! And we enjoyed a lot to watch a few things together to party to the sounds of the lives of the artists, the cook, and we always try to do things different.

tt: You’ve been most looking forward to this quarantine?

A: Yes, extremely! I charge a lot for it to be productive, always on, and I’ve been pushing too hard. The way that I’ve found to keep track of the anxiety, it was really just a day for me. Take in a sunset, read a book, sing a song that you like, or anything else that makes me forget about everything and just live in the moment. Including, come to the place with my family, which was empty because it was making me ill.

tt: On top of the video Dana, Dana: there have been calls for a video of the team in the choreography, or did you have to follow the tutorial with all the steps?

A: Dana, Dana you already have the choreography for a long time, we will introduce the number in the “Dreams Come True Tour! We just had to plan a few things together, and to remember it all in detail, but it was ok.

tt: What was the biggest challenge in the writing of a paper clip for a house?

A: The issue of not everyone in the world to have people to help you out. Sometimes, it is necessary to have a camera, two cell phones, a computer, tripod, bracket, light… For those who can live with a few people in the house, it is very difficult to control all of it.

tt: what was the recording process for the song?

A: Dana, Dana has been in existence for a very long time, and writing it was a lot of fun, because the music is from a different culture, the songs are in a format that is different, and it was nice to explore new things.

tt: did you Like the end result?

A: Yes You Can! And it was really cool to be on the Left, new member from Australia, singing the song.

tt: Can we expect more of the clips or the songs over the next few days.

A: We will be writing enough content, it’s the only track I don’t lose a bit too.

tt: Now, United is taking a lot of fun stuff for years. What’s your favorite?

A: I Love the videos that are within our reach, and easy to make, it’s always so much fun to plan it all out!

tt: You have also invested in the lives within your Instagram. What convidadx most surprised you?

A: All of them were amazing, but it was really nice to be able to talk to Leigh-Anne Pinnock of the group Little Mix! I’m a big fan of.

tt: do you have Any indication of the movie, the book or the series?

A: Rt-series light! At this time you are sad, it’s not the best quality, so I recommend the series Friends. It is very funny and references a lot of things in the day-to-day.

tt: have You come to complain about the people who are going to the vault, and as you know, in Brazil, many are questioning the social isolation. What you have to say about the importance of staying in the house, in spite of all the differences of political rights?

This is the time that we really showed that our actions will reflect that, yes, on the lives of others, and to stay in the house, it is an act of love, an act of respect for life. So, those who are unable to stay at home.