Check out the first reviews of the show with Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick, star of Love, Life, and number of CHANNELS Max. (Picture: Play/ YouTube)

On Wednesday, the 27th of may, Love Life he debuted with the launch of the streaming CHANNELS Max. Starring Anna Kendrick (A fine Choice), a series of romantic comedy, it already has the first set of reviews. On the whole, the reviews are mixed, driven by a strong performance from the actress for the main character, although the character is not always strong enough on its own.

Take a look at some of the comments:

“The talents of Kendrick as an artist and a fierce, sometimes more – that they can channel emotions, powerful gestures, and phrases are thrown at you in the Darby, which is painted in a purely broadly.” – Ben Travers, indieWire.

“Even though Kendrick has a very strong performance, she will be back with the gentleness of his character.” – Pilot Viruet, Watch.

“Even with the considerable talent and skill, the Kendrick may not compensate for the weakness of the overall program.” – Allison Shoemaker,

“There is a very specific one that will enjoy it. Do you know if this is you and you know if you should run away screaming.” – Kevin Fallon – The Daily Beast.

“The performances of Kendrick and the Floor (and a huge, charming and Jin-Ha is practically the only guy that’s decent in life-of-Darby-make it to eight episodes rather fun to watch.” – Linda Holmes, NPR.

“To the showrunners, Sam Boyd, and Bridget Bedard spend a large part of the season, based on novels and worn-out, and exaggerate the charm and accessibility of the leader. It’s all too much is expected.” – Judy Berman, TIME Magazine.

“Love Life ” is at its best when it looks like all the connections are on a romantic getaway in Darby, influence your approach to meet a person of significance.” – Kristen Baldwin, Entertainment Weekly.

Founded by Sam Boyd, the (In a Relationship), the collection follows the journey of love, a vision from the first to the last of love, showing the manner in which they have been responsible for that connection in the future, and how you turned to the person, to the point of being the one who has finally found someone to be in the long term, and it is true. In the story, Anna Kendrick, the Darby.

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In addition to Kendrick, the cast for the series also includes Zoë Chao, Sasha Compère, Peter Vack, Scoot McNairy, Maureen Sebastian, and Audrey Bennett.

Watch the trailer: