Chris Evans reveals that he accepted to take part in the Fantastic four


The first film in the The Fantastic Four it marked the debut of the Chris Evans as a hero of the Marvel comics in the movie theaters. In the years before taking on the role of Captain America, he lived in and the Human Torch, in the production of the Fox. In a recent interview with THR, the star said that the production took full advantage of the explosion of the genre in the early 2000s, which is generated by feature films such as Spider-Man and The X-Men.:

This was back when such a thing as super-heroes were just beginning to take off. In large part, this came right after the Spider-Man Tobey Maguire and the X-Men franchise, so with the super-heroes were just starting out. You try to remember all the times in your life when you receive those phone calls about a job, and I’m ashamed to admit that I can’t remember all of the times that I got one of those. That I can remember.”

Evans has revealed that he has accepted the role as he was in a bad phase of his life, which included an out-of-his-girlfriend-of-season:

“They were going on lots of up-close and personal. I think I’d just take the one off, really needed a win. I can remember receiving that phone call, and you just think, ‘Oh, yes!’. It was a role that I really, really liked it, and it was the biggest check I had won. I felt a little bit like I had turned a page, and maybe I could get this achievement with the other things.”

Chris Evans has lived and the Human Torch are also in the sequence The Fantastic four and the Silver Surfer(2007). The team has undergone a reboot in the theaters in the year 2015 in a film directed by Josh Trankthat was surrounded by controversy and became one of the biggest failures at the box office that year. Currently, the team may be part of the USINGsince the Disney he bought the Fox, and so is the owner of the rights to the group.