Coach’s purchase of the Kate Spade, and want to be LVMH, the american


Coach, the american brand recognised from the sale of bags with prices that are more affordable, he proceeded to the purchase of the Kate Spade for 2.4 billion euros. The goal is to increase its portfolio of brands, and to help the Coach to select a position in a market that is increasingly crowded.


To build an empire like LVMH that is what we, the administrators, the Coach and keep in mind, the only two differences are central: the first is to be in a group with a style that unapologetically american, the second is to have the most affordable prices. The bags were Coach and cost about 285 to 3 thousand dollars, and Kate Spade, between 100 and 500 dollars as compared to Louis Vuitton, owned by LVMH, and that you have luggage in between the 970 and the nearly 16-thousand dollars.

“The purchase of the Kate Spade is a very important step in the evolution of the Coach, as an organization, multi-brand, is focused on the consumer side,” said Victor Luis, chief executive officer of the brand, which in the last quarter, they lost about 40% of the sales in the stores. The faults which are attributed to the strategy of the account balance and the lot of shopping outlet they have, with the result that consumers are willing to pay for the original prices of the bags in the Coach.

A large number of brands in the same segment of the market that the Coach also has made easier the life for the american brand, the strategy is to expand the group. Over the past few months, it has been speculated that the group Coach, you will also want to buy the Burberry, and that he would be in the front line for the purchase of the Jimmy Choo chain-of-stores-shoes-of-the-art.

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