Demi Lovato to star in the campaign on the gay pride on the pandemic, check it out


Demi Lovato To Play
Demi Lovato To Play

The singer Demi Lovato he has lent his voice to a video for the campaign Head Everywhere. The action’s aim is to encourage people in the LGBTQ+ you are proud, during the period of social distancing.

The project is only a few days of that he started from the Month of the Pride of the LGBT+, which is celebrated in the month of June, and it ended up taking on some of the events were cancelled due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

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“When you look at this one-stop, what do you see? You can see people from all kinds of origin and empowering, without apology, and to help those who need it. You see the resilience in a thousand different ways, and the strength to stand up despite the fact that there are many reasons to remain seated,” said the singer in a way.

“You see that imagination is all over the place, some of the magic that is shared by the minds of creative, writing stories, solving problems, drawing boards, which will become our history. You can view the unparalleled diversity of our people, our ideas and how we build for the future”, still, the artist, who is a bisexual.

The organizers of the campaign explain that, in the period of the pandemic, many people find it hard to express your LGBT pride on account of the presence of familiar people, or simply away from your friends. For this reason, it is important to build networks of support.

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