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Malwee (Photo: Handout)

Malwee, and the other 154 of the companies to sign a pact with the UN
After the signing of the Global Compact of the United Nations for the sake of the climate, in October last year, at the Malwee is reinforcing its commitment to the UN, and signed the new pact in the world. The focus this time is on the rebound, the economic rebound post-Covid-19 and the government will include measures in the fight against climate change. In a new communiqué, which was signed by 154 firms from all over the world, call for action to ensure that its sustainability goals before the year 2050.

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Gucci’s Open (Photo: Handout)

Gucci launches the outfits for the game of Golf as ” one of the Wildlife
Gucci’s Open, it’s the name of the novelty of the brand to the Italian, who has just announced his partnership with the game of Golf as ” one, designed for Wwf. In the game of tennis, vitural, players will be able to find it, starting from the 18th of June, it’s looks are unique to the Gucci. The outfits, which include clothes, hats, socks, and shoes, and during the tournament you will be able to gain access to the web site of the brand in order to buy the items in the version of “reality”.

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The Lady Dior (Picture: Handout)

The classic Dior take on new roupagens
Dior just released new versions of its three pockets iconic: Lady Dior, a Saddle, and a Diorama. After a look and an ultra-matte-black-the darlings of fashion in the French, win versions of the same texture, “kill”, but other colors such as grey, indigo blue, cherry red, off-white, and orange.

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The window of Louis Vuitton at Paris (Picture: Handout)

Louis Vuitton launches a collaborative project to showcase
The Louis Vuitton invited the workers and employees, along with their children, to participate in the creative design of the display windows of the house. The initiative, dubbed “The Rainbow Project encouraged participants to develop, in a collaborative way, with their own version of a rainbow. In each city, selected contributions to the local, to decorate the facade of the brand around the world.

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Strap-New-Light-of-Protection ” (Photo: Handout)

Protection opens temporary store in the digital
The Protection releases of the Sneaker Pop Up Store. 100% digital, the project is focused on the deliveries and the size of weekly with the models of sneakers, new every Thursday. Products include kits, shoe laces, charms, and pins, to create a shoe that is custom. The first model to be released, it is on the Left, New Light, is now available on the e-commerce brand, they must surrender the entire united states.

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Jewelry from the collection Blossom from Jack Vartanian (Photo: Handout)

Jack Vartanian launches the piece with the stones, the unique collection of the brand
Jack Vartanian launches his new collection, the Blossom, which is inspired by new beginnings, and the link between the Fields-of-Jordan – and especially on the flower-Earrings-of-Princess. In addition to traditional baths, in a rhodium plated and 18k gold, it also has the parts at baths, the unique colors of pink and green (the latter is also known as the green lacquer), and the stones, the unique collection of the brand.

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