Flat belly, Jennifer Lopez’s turn to take in the sights


Jennifer Lopez is more dedicated than ever to their physical condition, in these days leading up to the Super Bowl, where they will make a action in the time interval. On Thursday morning he was spotted by the paparazzi while he was walking, and his good form has not gone unnoticed.

J. Lo wore her clothes from the sports fair, which showed her curves, especially the flat tummy.

At the age of 50 years and is one of the two most awe-inspiring in terms of the habits and routines of working out. In addition to the stage, this seems to be another one of his great passions, and the results are excellent.

See below for the.

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You want to be healed?! You want to keep the lower leg is thick?! You have to be willing!!! Download. JLo you are picking up a heavy practice in preparation for I their performance is in the range of a Super Bowl in 2020, which takes place this Sunday (in 2)! It sure is going to happen muuuita dancing on the stage, right? Further, the presentation will be next Video! No one is going to hold on to these two! (Photo By Robert O’neil / SplashNews.com)

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