Gal Gadot surprises, part-time employees of the hospital who wear the clothes of the hero

The staff of a hospital in Detroit, michigan, in the United States, put on all of the days of t-shirts with the heroes of the Marvel comics and DC to amuse the patients, but also empoderarem in the face of the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. In an interview with the Good Morning Americafour of these were taken by surprise by the invasion of the Gal Gadot in a video call. Check it out at 1:00 pm.

“You are the champions of the truth,”said Gadot for the four women wearing the symbol of a Woman, that’s great. “Well, thank you. You guys are risking their lives for others, and I get emotional thinking about it. You are a true inspiration”.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus, the various areas of the entertainment is affected with the postponement of the premiere, they are in production and the cancellation of the big event.