Hailee Steinfeld launched its new project – “Half Written Story”, it is produced by the producer of Your Lipa, and Madonna, listen to it!

Hailee Steinfeld (Playing/Internet)

The singer-and-actress Hailee Steinfeld it throws all of the apps, the music, the first part of the project is twofold, entitled “Half Written Story”.

It is produced by Koz (Dua Lipa, Madonna), the EP features five tracks, ‘ I Love You’s”, “Your Name, Hurts”, “END “this” (L. O. V. E.)”, “Man-Up” and “the Wrong Direction”. The all-new a single for Hailee, “The END – “this” (L. O. V. E.)”he won a lyric video. Released in April, the music video of “I Love Yous”, in which the singer makes his debut as a director, and it now exceeds 5 million views, with the production of the Rosie Goodman.

The song was inspired by the success of “no More I Love You’s’, the singer was Annie Lenox, and it’s about time for herself, for healing and self-love.

Listen to the tracks:

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