Halle Berry is going to save the Earth in the Moonfall


Halle Berry is going to walk the milky way galaxy. The hollywood actress, alongside Josh Gad, will take part in “Moonfall”, an epic project is a sci-fi Roland Emmerich.

“Moonfall” is centred on a mysterious force that pulls the moon in its orbit around the Earth, sending it into a collision with all that we know of. In response, a team is unorganized it will be posted in mission: impossible, the last time, to land on the surface of the moon and save the Earth from destruction.

John interprets this to mean a NASA astronaut, whose mission is to space-the preceding was not melhorr done, and it took a catastrophe to happen. Gad retratará a scientific genius, who concluded correctly that the moon fell out of orbit. Emmerich is going to make the movie from a script he wrote with his co-author, with Harald Kloser, and Spenser Cohen.

Well, Lionsgate plans to release the film in 2021, and it is expected the production to begin this fall in Montreal, but given the current situation in the us, you may be able to be changed.

The AGC has sold the rights to it in November, when Lionsgate, the studio that distributed the World War ii drama, “Midway”. Emmerich, whose other credits include such films as “Independence Day”, “2012”, “London Falls” and “The day after tomorrow”, are just a few of his greatest hits. When the cast is, for the time being, in addition to those already mentioned, but still no one has confirmed it.

Already, John has recently finished its world premiere at the “was bruised,” in which she plays the role of an advocate for the sport. His latest films include “John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum”, and “Kidnap”.