Halle Berry shows off my belly cracked the 53-year-old, after a year – 29/05/2020

Halle Berry, 53-year-old, and went away sighing, and rave reviews from her followers on Instagram when you post on a social network, a movie that shows off his abdomen and chipped after a workout.

The actress, who plays a fighter in the mixed martial arts in the film was bruised, showed the images to a range of training that, in the second she describes in the subtitle, “making a difference” in the journey through an abdominal six-pack.

“You are a wonderful queen,” said a fellow. “I’m sorry, ma’am. You have swallowed a Lego game? Because your belly is jumping up,” joked another, a follower. “It is in a way like never before. Looking forward to the release of the film,” said a third.

In addition to starring in the film “was bruised,” which was recorded by 2019, she has directed the film. In a recent interview in the “Tonight Show,” and she said she was hurt during the filming of the scenes without a stunt double. “I’ve broken a few things this time around. And you know what? It’s all good, I always get hurt”.