Harry Styles talks about the music of Taylor Swift and asked him, “is that She is a great singer-songwriter”

Harry Styles seems to be pretty good with all the songs that Taylor Swift would have written about a relationship with him. “Out of the Woods” and “Style”, the tracks on the album, “1989”, directed and written specifically for it. The singer has previously hinted he is not sure if the song was really about him.

In an interview on “the Howard Stern Show,” the singer assures that it is not upset, and says that it believes it is “flattering” someone wrote a song about it, adding that he thinks Swift is a “great writer”.

“It doesn’t upset them,” he says. “I think about what it means to me to write a song about the other person, and if someone were to do that, I think it’s flattering. Even though the music may not be as flattering, you still spent time on it, and, finally, using Taylor as an example, she is a great singer-songwriter. So, at least, it is a good song.

“The only time that you really, really, it’s like, ‘this song is a very personal one?’ you think, ‘that’s going to be really annoying for the other person?’ Why should I care”, he finished.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in 2012, during a walk in the Central Park Zoo in New York city. Pictures/Splash News Online

This is not the first time that he’s talking about the relationship, and on the track. In the year 2017 during an interview with Rolling Stone, he talked about the relationship, and suggested that I do not have the certainty that Swift wrote these songs about it: “I Want to tell you, I don’t know if they are [as músicas] it’s about me or not, but the problem is that they are so good, that’s all”.

Styles also spoke about the criticism she faced about writing songs about her ex-boyfriends: “I Write from my own experiences, everybody’s doing it,” he said.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in 2012, during a walk in the Central Park Zoo in New York city. Photo By/Splash News Online

“I am very fortunate to be everything that we have helped to create these songs,” he said. “That is what is at its heart. These are some of the most difficult things to say, and they are the ones that least talk about. This is the part of the person. Never, I’m going to tell it all to someone else.”

When he was asked if he liked the songs, Styles replied, “Yes and no. She doesn’t need me to tell her that they’re very good. They are both great songs.”

Later he made a kind of a thank-you note to Swift: “Some of the things don’t go wrong. There are a lot of things that can be right and still be wrong. When you write a song about things like this, I like to put on a hat all the time together, you are celebrating the fact that it was a powerful thing, and it made you feel something, as opposed to ” it didn’t work out, and that’s bad. And if you happen to come across such a person, maybe a stranger, maybe you have to be drunk, but you’ve shared something with. To get to know someone new, to share in these experiences, and it’s the best shit out of all of them. So, thank you very much!”

During the presentation of the “Out-Of-The-Woods’, Taylor Swift talked about the relationship that inspired the song: “The feeling is, number one, that I have felt throughout the relationship-anxiety.”

“The feeling is, number one, that I felt, on the whole, the relationship of anxiety”, was the Swift in 2015 is about the story behind the song “Out Of The Woods” without the quote. “For me, I felt weak, I felt really hesitant about this… and I think a lot of relationships can be very strong, and that is what you are waiting for it to be strong and healthy, but it’s not always what you get. And, it does not mean that there is a special and amazing to have a relationship that’s fragile to some extent, significant in weakness.”

Since then, Swift has released three albums: “1989”, “Reputation”, and “Lover”. While Later, he launched his first solo album, the self-styled “Harry Styles,” and “the Fine Line”.