In Japan, Selena Gomez will release a deluxe edition of “Rare” with extra tracks and video content


In the year 2020, it has been very productive for the Selena Gomezeven with all of the hiv pandemic, quarantines, and social isolation. The singer, released in January, the long-awaited new album, the “Rare”who has already won a deluxe version of the streaming platforms, with five new tracks.

This One’s Easy.

Now, with the new deluxe version of the “Rare”up to now only in digital, you also get a physical release, with a lot of extra content, both audio and video, in addition to the items in the picture are unique. But all of this is only in Japan.

The new version of the “Rare”

While the whole world is built on listening to the deluxe version of the “Rare” only on the digital platforms in Japan, you will be rewarded with a physical release on the current disk Selena Gomezpacked with exclusive in-game content. An amazing piece for a collector.

The Universal Music Japan he announced the news on her social networks on Friday (the 29th) and the release a physical deluxe “Rare” it will be released exclusively in the land of the rising sun ” on the 22nd of July, about six months after the original release of the album.

The new version of the disc will come with three new tracks on the deluxe “Boyfriend”, “Gift” and “She”in addition to the “Feel Me,”previously exclusive to the vinyl “Rare”.

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The new product will also come with album artwork, including cards, pictures, and even a mini-poster that is unique.


The new version of the physics deluxe “Rare” Selena Gomez has also come up with the content in this video. The DVD is a new product that will bring you the music video for the title track of the disc, in addition to the video scenes of the music video for “Boyfriend” performance “Rare” and “Feel Me,”.

A live performance of the The “Dance Again” complete with the choice of the content of the video, the new “Rare”to-be-released only in Japan.

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Selena Gomez in quarantine.

By complying with the recommendations of the quarantine to stop the spread of the new coronavirus in the world Selena Gomez you are taking advantage of this time to be created. The singer has built a studio in his house, and has been working on new music, as it is shown on your social networks.

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