Jennifer Aniston: 5 fun facts from the day of the Friends


Jennifer Aniston it is an award-winning and well-known american actress, who rose to fame in Brazil, thanks to the series ‘Friends’. He has participated in a number of successful films in Hollywood, with special emphasis on the romantic comedy. The blonde bombshell has been married to actor Brad Pitt, but they parted ways. Jennifer Aniston is considered to be one of the most powerful women in the world, shining in the pictures of the covers of the magazines all over the world. It’s a star, and so much. Here we show you the 5 facts of everlasting-star-of-Friends.

Jennifer Aniston

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Hollywood actress Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, in the United States, on the 11th of February, 1969. Since I was a child, already manifested the dream of becoming an actress, a star of Hollywood. The beautiful one was built in California and later grew up in New York city. The father of the She was also the one who’s influenced you, after all, John Aniston, was a well-known american actor.

1 – in the Beginning of his career

She is enrolled at the school, Rudolf Steiner School, New York city, and there she started her career as an actress. At the beginning of his career, yet balanced with the study, and has worked as a waitress, a tour operator from picking up the phone and the ‘office girl’. So much so that in 1989, she moved to Los Angeles to work in the theatre. She has to fight his way through small roles in theatre, to receive the invitation to work in television. The great invitation of your life Jennifer Aniston she was in the 1990s when she played Rachel Green in the series Friends.

2 – Friends

Thanks to the work of Friends, and she won the primetime Emmy award, the Oscars of the television, as well as a Golden Globe award. The next step would be for the film. And there was a variety of films in the career of Jennifer Aniston. Among the major movies that are ‘All-Powerful’, ‘I Want to Stay With the Dead’, ‘Better Love’, ‘the Wife of make-believe’, among other films. In the 90’s, it was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. And the fame was at its peak.

3 – her wedding to Brad Pitt

So much so that in 1998, Jennifer Aniston began dating handsome Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married on the 29th of July, in the year 2000. But the marriage did not last very long. The couple will announce the separation in January 2005. Brad Pitt began dating actress Angelina Jolie, with whom he lives in the novel up to the present day. In 2009, rumors reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were separated because of Jennifer Aniston, but it was one of the most. Brad Pitt would have ended the marriage with Aniston, after the recording of the movie ‘Mr and Sra. Smith, in which he met Jolie.

In a book to be published by the director of the movie ‘Mr and Sra. Smith’, Brad Pitt, and it would have explained why he ended the marriage with Jennifer Aniston and got with Angelina Jolie. After that, Brad Pitt have denied the rumors about his ex-wife. But it was already too late. Jennifer Aniston has criticised the attitude of the ex-husband.

4 – the empowered Woman

In 2011, in accordance with the election on the TV, and Spike TV’s, the actress, has been singled out as the most powerful woman of the decade. The success of this blonde bombshell is so great that he has come to the Hollywood walk of Fame. In 2011, Jennifer Aniston appeared on the list of the actress the best paid in the world.

5 – the Pregnancy is not confirmed

The Hollywood star made the headlines in the newspapers around the world in 2011. Why? Jennifer Aniston be expecting a baby. But is this the case? In the interview Aniston explained that she stopped smoking, and that is why she put on weight. It’s impossible to find the belly in the perfect body of a blonde woman. The actress is still skinny, skinny, as usual.

… More fun facts

In 2012, the actress began dating the actor Justin Theroux. In 2012, she earned her own star on the hollywood walk of Fame, and was engaged to her boyfriend, Justin bieber.
An interesting point in the career of Jennifer Aniston, was published by the newspaper ‘the Daily Mail’. It is in the before-and-after of the great. The newspaper released a photo of the before and after by Jennifer Aniston.

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