Jennifer Aniston keeps it real, by ex-husband – the liver


At the age of 50 years Jennifer Aniston does not stand up to the passions of the past.

Once you have reaproximado Brad Pitt, whose marriage lasted only five years old, the actress has now decided to give it a second chance a Justin Theroux, with whom he had been married for between 2015 and 2017.

It all started when She invited the Teen to dinner, which he organizes every year on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day (November 28), to the closest friends, among which, Courteney Cox, Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman.

“They realize how much they are still relevant for each other”, said a source close to the actress, the ‘Woman’s Day’. “Since then, talk every day, and Justin spent a week at the home of Jen in Los Angeles, he said.

According to the publication, which She believes gave up on the marriage, with Justin soon enough. “The fall of the Mall [Pitt] left its mark and, according to the therapist, who continues for many years, and she has a tendency to put up a wall when things get complicated, instead of trying to solve them,” said another source to the magazine, adding that Justin is all that she ever wanted in a partner, “She’s lost the best thing in my life, and now you have a chance to recover.”

The support of a friend to Her
Courtney Cox is one of the best friends in the process, he convinced her to give it a new chance with the Teen.

“I’m afraid that he will reject the call. However, it turned out to be a week, and the two of them to be reminded of all the times they were married to each other. Right now, they’re seeing how things go”said the same source.

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