Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin to threaten to sue a plastic surgeon after the TikTok and with false information


If there’s one thing that the artists are not tolerant, they are false accusations about plastic surgery, and it happens all the time. Most recently, the Madison Beer if you’ve opened on the subject due to the video TikTok and Hailey Baldwin have come across this situation in Instagram.

However, according to the TMZthe model and the Justin Bieber they are opening a case against a plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills so-called Dr. Daniel Barrett after the release of a video in the social network of the moment, saying the changes were made by the blonde woman through plastic surgery.


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you original, the sound – barrettplasticsurgery

He received a letter from the lawyers of the couple, accusing them of using the name of Hailey,, and your picture in a video by comparing with the physical model in the course of the year, in addition to have been used in the lyrics of the song “Sorry“ from Who, the legend. According to the lawyers of the families of Bieber, he made the video to publicize their work, and it ended up spreading false information. The doctor said to the blonde-haired jerks in the nose, and put on fill in lips.

They are asking for a plastic surgeon to remove the video from the air, and you make a withdrawal within the next 24 hours, and if they don’t they will be in court. Ever the doctor, he told TMZ what do you think of crazy that they are doing all of this because of a video, and that it does not intend to withdraw from the social networking site, so that will have to deal with the case made by Biebers.