Kylie Jenner talks about her sex life after being a mother for the first time

Kylie Effects given the views, producing daring, which he did for a Playboy magazine who also enlisted the participation of her partner and father of her daughter, Lisa, Scott.

It is against this background that, free from prejudice, is the newest member of the clan OEffects he talked about his sex life, especially after being a mother for the first time, with the birth of the Stormiperiod of one year.

Case, 22-year-old, said that the arrival of the child will not hurt his sexual life. “We are thinking in the same way, and we are all the same objectives and your passions in life,” he said. “In addition to the fact that we have a good chemistry we had a blastus very much together…. This is my best friend,” he said.

It was then that reflected: “A lot of people say that having a baby will be able to affect your sex life, but I feel that this is the opposite of our experience. I feel that we have proven that the rumor is wrong.’.

The manager went on to explain how he dealt with his sexuality since he was a parent, and as an Individual to help: “This to me is that of motherhood and sexuality can co-exist, it is not so that you lose your values, or that you’re not a good mother.”

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