Louis Vuitton launches a brand new model that TAKES Spot 9

Handbag LV Pont 9 (or the Pont-Neuf) of LouisVuitton, it’s the latest incarnation of the chic style of paris, considered to be a crown jewel of luxury fashion. This is the new symbol of the craft with modern, carries with it a touch of the old, knowledge and skill.

Perfect for both every day wear as for special occasions, the new and the classic of the Louis Vuitton handbag, has the name of the Pont Neuf in honour of the oldest and most famous bridge in Paris, across from the headquarters of Louis Vuitton, in the public prosecutor’s office.

The new shoulder bag LV-Pont-9 in the three-shades – Louis-Vuitton

The shoulder bag is made from a new leather-LV-Pont-9. On the way to soft, the bag is provided by the calfskin leather, lightly padded, and it ends with a LouisVuitton a Circle, the logo of the ‘ 30s, which was taken out of the store, and played by Nicolas Ghesquière, the artistic director of the collections, the female of the the house. The logo is used on both sides of the bag, respectively, as a closure and a shoulder strap.

The design of the interior of the skin color presents a version of the two-compartment and two pockets. The careful attention to detail is revealed in both the classic design of the bag, with extra space in some of its most exquisite characteristics of “hidden”, that is romantic, a magnetic clasp in a flower shape of monogram.

The logo of Louis Vuitton dates back to the late 30’s, appearing in the fastener, and the strap – Louis Vuitton

The stock LV-Pont-9 is available in a wide array of colors together with black, understated, elegant, and delicate shades of silver. There is also a set of tones in a more vibrant, such as the “SummerGold”, “the Rose, the Dahlia,” and the “Bleu Orage”.

Contemporary, but classic, painstakingly crafted by hand, the handle on the LV-Pont-9 represents a mixture of the long tradition of the Louis Vuitton handbag, and leather products. A a must the company is renowned worldwide specialist in the manufacturing of bags and suitcases, made of leather and canvas.

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