See, This is the sentence that you have marked the weekend

“You may not realize it, but little by little they get there and you are going to like it.”
Former brazilian president FERNANDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO, the former president and warning about the increasing proximity of military power, which is a “sticky”

“We need to arm them with the education, culture and science.”
LUÍS ROBERTO BARROSO, prime minister of the SUPREME federal court, in answer to the fashionable, in the possession of the presidency of the TSE, the “I want the people to arms,” of Jair, jair bolsonaro on the now famous wto ministerial meeting (see article on pg. 40)

“What time is it? 20h40? You have twelve minutes, which is up in the air on the TV in the Funeral home.”
JAIR, jair bolsonaro, the president, doing what they think is fun at the time, the National Newspaper, devoted to the tragedy of the Covid-19

“Master of the pandemic.”
MARCELO CRIVELLA, mayor of Rio de Janeiro, and the bishop, the licensee, together with optimism to allow the re-opening of the temples in the city. The city has more than 3 000 fatalities by the Covid-19, and the curve is referred to as follow up.

“The republicans believe that the platforms of social media, silence the voices of conservatives. Never, ever allow this to happen by imposing rules or regulations to close them from time to time.”
DONALD TRUMP, the president of the United States, and the tuiteiro serial, furious, with a Twitter, to be loaded on a post-it to the notice of default, that the information was unreliable and needed to be checked out

“I have no doubt that he has acted in a responsible manner, abiding by the law, and with integrity.”
BORIS JOHNSON, the british prime minister, defending his gray eminence, the adviser Dominic Cummings, who, with the symptoms of a Covid-19, broke the quarantine, traveling 400 miles in a car with your family to stay close to their parents. A scientist working for the government, also broke through the isolation, and getting his girlfriend in the house, and he was fired

“Whether it is in offices, whether in a hospital, this medicine should not be prescribed to patients with Covid-19.”
The FRENCH MINISTRY OF HEALTH, in a press release banning the use of hydroxychloroquine against the new coronavirus. It’s the miracle drug, by Donald Trump, a family member, the chloroquine-high, and by Jair, jair bolsonaro

“Think of all the things that have been said away from the camera. In our future, it’s a game to them.”
BUT THUNBERG, activist in sweden, on the suggestion of the minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, ” at the meeting, to take advantage of all of the world is worried about the new coronavirus-and “going with the herd,” of the easing of the rules for the protection of the environment (see article on pg. 28)

“This is a time great to build an oil pipeline, why can’t there be a protest of more than fifteen people.”
WOULD HE, the minister of Energy of the province of Alberta, Canada. Later, a spokesman reiterated that it respects the “protest within the law.”

“I can’t breathe.”
GEORGE FLOYD, a black american killed by police in Minneapolis. The video, which viralizou in social networks, shows a police officer with his knee on the back of his neck for several minutes, while in the other they are talking to each other. The officers have been laid off and there have been violent protests in the country

“X ” Æ ” The Church.”
GRIMES, the girlfriend of billionaire Elon Musk to reveal a change in the name of the new baby in the family. It was supposed to be X-Μ, A-12, but the California law does not allow for numerals, and thus the trade-off for roman numerals. “Ah, much better, as well

“If you see (…), 80% of what I was doing on the X in the Show, and it was politically incorrect.”
HER, her, reminiscing about all the inconveniences of his daily life “in a way, I was talking with the kids, the things that I did, in the way that I dressed, the music I used to play it”

“I assusto the bile, the hate that drips off the words…. It is a hatred so deep that we don’t know where to take you.”
WILLIAM BONNER, apresentador do Jornal Nacional, showing it in an interview of his dismay at the direction of the company