Selena Gomez on how he found his style: “it has Been in a free fall”

The singer is a style icon, and destroy it with their products!

Selena Gomez it is all in the dissemination of his new album Rarewhich was released at the beginning of January. Among holdings in television, radio, and music events – such as the The American Music Awards, 2019in which the he is introduced -, The Sel has also been on the cover of the british magazine Dazedand he talked about the his style to be published.

(Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Responding to a question posed by the Nicolas Ghesquièrethe director of a fashion brand Louis Vuittonthat he wondered how it was the way that the artist should discover the style of, Selena said, “I have to tell you that I have basically lived in a free-fall.”

Selena began her career as a child and went through the whole teenage years and early adulthood, for some of the periods of time in which we are trying to figure out who you are and what you like to use it in front of you the camera system. For this reason, it is known to change the look of an artist today, who would prefer to looks of the classic items lovers make a difference at the time of mounting the production is.

Selena Gomez using conjuntinho the outfit with a scarpin mule, and purse crossbody case

Selena Gomez using conjuntinho the outfit with a scarpin mule, and purse crossbody case (the Police/GC Images/Getty Images)

The parts of the tailor’s workshop, jeans, print dresses and accessories designer these are some of the items that are a part of the wardrobe of the singer. Oh, and for the glamorous dresses also, including the long missing-that of the artist in the end.

It is worth noting that it is not only the personal style of the singer, who has been a huge success. Yes it already has been guest the subscribe to a few collections in partnership with a well-known brand names, such as Puma and Coach.

Miss fashionista, you know?