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Launched in the early hours of this Friday (the 29th), Chromaticathe new album Lady Gagais giving the talk. This was one of the albums of the most anticipated in recent times, has exceeded all expectations, and is delivered, including partnering with the world’s greatest musicians, such as Ariana Grande, Elton John, and a group of south Korean BLACKPINK.

Past the first few hours since the release of the album, and the reviews about the album began to be released, and with the approval of the media specialist’s career. And, of course, we didn’t expect less.

“Chromatica, is to escape from the dance-pop of the summer of the highest quality,” he praised the music video.

The music video, which features one of the most important publications and the charts are more relevant to the world of music, it also tore the praise of the king. “Gaga has offered, that the philosopher’s stone – to escape from the dance-pop of the summer of the highest quality – at a time when we were both in need,” he said in a press release.

“Lady Gaga does not have the pop, the pop is in need of a Lady Gaga” he said, ” at Consequence of Sound.

Crown-as a living legend, and an icon for the twenty-first century, the publication also states that we have to start treating Her like Barbra Streisand and Cher.

“This is his triumphant return, and the best pop album since Born This Way,” he said in the Sun.

The british publication chooses Stupid Love Rain On Me like the hottest releases of the year 2020 up to date, and highlights the 911, instant Replay, and This was named as a tribute to the Vogue, as one of the best tracks from the Chromatica. Yay!

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Think so? It wasn’t just these sites dedicated to ripping high praise for the singer, many others have also made it a point to celebrate the new project.

“It’s hard to think of a pop-to-date than you are able to maintain a size level of quality, this is not to say, the energy is incredible” – the Clash, Music.

“Chromatica will take you to a place in the galaxy of his mind, the clubs are still out and about” – NY Post.

“It’s a shame that the world is under a quarantine, as it is the Chromatica is a huge dance party waiting to happen” – US Magazine.

“The return of Lady Gaga to the electro-pop is one of the best albums of the last decade” – USA Today.

This is what we call a ” naming the world, right girls? It should be noted that, in addition to the specialized media, the web is abuzz after a second the album has been made available to you. In addition to earn the #1’s on Itunes around the world, Chromatica is also among the issues discussed, and it is a very strong contender in the category “Album of the Year” by the Grammy Awards.

A true diva of pop is that way!