Singer Taylor Swift says that Trump’s ‘ignite the white supremacist’

Singer Taylor Swift says that Trump's ‘ignite the white supremacist’

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The pop singer, Taylor Swift took aim at Donald Trump on Friday, after the president and vice president, he suggested that the application of the law would allow it to fire on the demonstrators, angry over the killing of a black man by the police in Minneapolis.

“After you set the white supremacy and racism throughout his presidency, and you have the nerve to pretend to moral superiority before they threaten you with violence?”, tweeted Times, which has 86 million followers on the social networking site.

The singer has cited a tweet is controversial, Trump, in which he says: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”, before saying: “Votaremos for his departure in November, @realdonaldtrump.”

Trump has generated a stir with a tweet posted late in the evening on the violent protests against the police in Minneapolis, minnesota, in which he called the protesters “THUGS” and threatened a military intervention.

Hundreds of soldiers have been deployed on the streets of Minneapolis and St. By Paul on Friday, after a third night of violent protests against police violence involving black people.

In the past few years, Taylor Swift has opened up for his political beliefs, after a struggle for control of his own voice as an artist he had met with the fame in a very young age. It has supported the democratic candidates in arkansas in 2018 and already there was criticism of the president, the Trump.