Taylor Swift is the artist of the woman’s most well-paid of the decade ” – Glamour Magazine

The Forbesa publication of north america, has released this week a list of the artists, the most well-paid of the decade. The first was rapper and producer Dr. Dre, who earned $ 950 million. Then it is Taylor Swift – the artist is a woman, the most highly paid in the last 10 years, they have built up a turnover of 825 million dollarsmore than 3 billion dollars. Is it good for you?

Taylor Swift (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Taylor Swift (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Taylor walked to the front of the Her, Katy Perry and the winner of the academy award, Lady Gaga. As the author of the “Single Ladies” has grossed$ 685 million and took the third place in the overall ranking, Katy, and Gaga took the last two places in the top 10, clocking up a fortune of$ 530 million and$ 500 million, respectively.

In addition, the publication released a list of the personalities, the most well-paid in 2019. In the top 10, the only one in brazil is Football, which takes up the sixth place with a turnover of 105 million dollars. In the first place in this ranking, it also was with Taylor Swift, who this year took home a fortune of$ 185 billion, followed by Kylie Jenner (US$ 170 million) and Kanye West ($150 million).

The Top 10 artists of the highest paid of the decade

1. Dr. Dre, A$ 950 million
2. Taylor Swift, FOR$ 825 million
3. Beyonce, a$ 685 million
4. 2 goes FOR$ 675 million
5. Diddy, A$ 605-million
6. “Elton John, FOR$ 565 million
7. JAY-Z, FOR$ 560 million
8. Paul McCartney’s US$ 535 million).
9. Katy Perry, A$ 530-million
10. Lady Gaga, A$ 500 million

The Top 10 artists of the highest paid in 2019

1. Taylor Swift, A$ 185-million
2. Kylie Jenner’S$ 170 million
3. Kanye West, A$ 150 million
4. This year, TO$ 127 million
5. Ed Sheeran, A$ 110 million
6. Cristiano Ronaldo US$ 109 million
7. Only problem is, the US$ 105 million
8. The Eagles with$ 100 million
9. Dr. Phil McGraw, and US$ 95 million
10. Canelo Alvarez, of US$ 94 million

Beyonce (Photo: Playback / Instagram )

Beyonce has grossed$ 685 million over the past 10 years, according to the ‘Forbes magazine’ (Photo: Playback / Instagram )