The 1975 releases a clip into a partnership with the Greta Thunberg; watch it now


Matty Healy (The 1975), and Greta Thunberg
Photo via NME

Most recently, the The 1975 released to the world his long-awaited disc Notes on the Conditional Form ofand one of the singles it was preceded by the work, and it also serves as the opening track on the album, is a song that goes by the name of the band and counts on the participation of the But Thunberg.

The environmental activist, who, according to the RESPONSE has been described by the singer Matty Healy as a “more punk rock”, which we have already met, gives a speech about the importance of protecting the planet, under the bed, an instrumental that flirts with post-rock and ambient music in a band. And now, she has just been given a video.

In it, the lines Actually are written, and will appear in the middle of a number of images which depict the effects of climate change on the world. In fact, talking about being a punk, and the band apparently did not want to pay the company that owns the rights to the images and leave the watermark there for it.

Or, maybe, this would be it. Who do you know? Anyway, watch the video in its entirety below!

The 1975 and Greta Thunberg