The actors of Game of Thrones will be put together at the premiere of the vampire-con · TV News

The actors are Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa, known for their award-winning series Game of Thrones (2011-2019), are going to act together in a film with a vampire loves a story, there is a very long time. You will encounter them, and they will never play opposite in a drama for HBO. Dinklage has been the lobbyist for the motion picture the dwarf Tyrion Lannister, and Momoa starred in the series the giant Khal Drogo.

The film will be a mix of action and adventure, your vampirism goes to take a increase up the crazy in the story. In the Good, the Bad & Undead (sort of like the Good, the Bad, and the undead), Dinklage is the Van Helsing, the last survivor of a long line of vampire hunters. He ends up becoming a friend or partner of the Vampire (Momoa), who has vowed to walk together with you will never kill a person again.

Together, they set up a plan to make money. They are going from one city to another, and Helsing pretends to be a feared bounty hunter on the police to arrest the Vampire, who terrorizes all the places through which they pass. It is the reward, it is necessary for those who catch it-and the money stays with the dwarf, of course.

But maracutaia it stops working when it’s a reward from a very high value is offered to those who pick up the Vampire, who becomes a serious risk. The two rogues, then they have to deal with all kinds of people, in a setting full of monsters and magic, ready to end it with a romp in the double from time to time.

Compared to Momoa, Dinklage is a scene of more quiet since the end of the Game, song of ice and fire series, for which he won four Emmys. The actor of 50 years ago, a movie here and there, as they-like animation, The Croods and Angry Birds.

In 2012, the same year that he left to live with Khal Drogo in GoT, Momoa became a figure often seen in movies and on TV. As a highlight, it has the role as the hero Aquaman in a movie from DC. In the world of the series, the actor and the 40-year-old made Frontier (Netflix), and See (Apple+TV).