The Los Angeles Rams announced the opening of a Sophisticated Stadium in August

The new stadium for the Los Angeles Rams and, consequently, of the Los Angeles Chargers, now has an official date for the opening. The Rams announced on Thursday (28/05) it’s the Getting Home will be open to the public (or not) for the first time on the 14th of August, when the team will host the New Orleans Saints in a game of pre-season in the NFL.

The first event in the stadium, it would be in the month of July, when the pop singer Taylor Swift would do the show. In the meantime, the event had to be cancelled due to the measures of social distancing for containment of a pandemic, the COVID-19. If the show was cancelled in the first game of american football has not had its date changed – for the time being – and for this reason, the match will be the first chance for the public to see the new home of the Rams.

The a-team, Aaron Donald is going to have a lot of opportunities to get used to the new accommodations in advance of the regular season. This is why the Rams will play three games at home in the pre-season.

After the duel against the Saints, the team from Los Angeles will be the visitor in Getting the Stadium to make the second leg of the preseason against the Chargers. The following week, the Rams will receive for the Denver Broncos in their last game at the new stadium before the regular season. After that, finish the pre-season by visiting the new stadium for the TEAM, to play against the Las Vegas Raiders, in the city of sin, on the 29th day of the month of August.

(Photo: Playing On Twitter/The Los Angeles Rams)