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At 20 years old, Kylie Jenner has a fortune of more than US$ 900 million, according to the magazine 'Forbes' (Photo: GETTY IMAGES/BBC)

In the publication, Jenner, gets the bill for THE$1,266 million (Photo: GETTY IMAGES/BBC)

Kylie Jenner it is the empowering that is more to the invoice for the publication on Instagram. The post is in partnership with the business, the star of the reality tv show, and the entrepreneur gets the win US$ 1,266 million, RS 4,76 million). This is the second time in a row, the billion dollar young leads the list of the 100 influential than most of them charge for this publication. The ranking is done by the HopperHQ, a platform for scheduling posts on Instagram.

In the second place, it appears that singer Ariana Grande, at US$ 996 billion for the post – (Us$ 3.75 million). Cristiano Ronaldo, the second-highest-paid athlete in accordance with the annual list of Forbes magazine, is in the third position with US$ 975 billion for the publishing (Us$ 3,67 million in the social network.

A celebrity, the highest paid of the year, Taylor Swift is on the eighth place. The singer charges$ 748 billion, for the publishing (Us$ 2,81 million.

They are just the celebrities who have dominated the top ten list of influential thinkers. The ranking is divided into the following categories: celebrities, beauty, fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle, sports and travel.

Of the five brazilians who appear in the list are: The Rabbit, the fashion, Gracyenne’s Human rights, such as fitness, Caio Castro, and ronaldo as the sport, and the only Problem is, who is in the top 10 in the sport, and celebrity.

The HopperHQ take an educated guess as to how much influence they charge for a blog post, according to the data of the engagement, number of followers and the frequency with which the user is to post on Instagram.

Out of the 10 opinion that the top income earners for the publication.

1. Kylie Jenner: THE$1,266 million in
2. Ariana Grande, at US$ 996 billion
3. Cristiano Ronaldo: US$ 975 billion
4. Kim Kardashian-US$ 910 billion
5. Selena Gomez:: US$ 886 billion
6. Dwayne Johnson, at US$ 882 billion
7. Games, at US$ 785 billion
8. Taylor Swift’S$ 748 billion
9. Only problem is, AT$ 722 billion
10. Justin Bieber: US$ 722 billion

Check out the full list here.