8 documentaries to understand the world of Fashion


Many times, when talking about the world of Fashion, we think of the fashion shows, models and glamour. But, as an industry, in this universe that involves the economy, jobs, and a lot of the creation. We choose eight documentary films that will help you to know how it works in the world of Fashion, on the inside, and that you will be inspired to look at others ‘ points-of-view of this area.

The House of Z, (2017)


“Fashion has a dark side,” says Zac Posen at the beginning of the documentary, which tells of his rise to the age of 21 years, as one of the most prestigious of catwalks and fall. The telling of the life and career of the independent, self-directing, House of Z, it shows what happens within this universe is, and how difficult it is to maintain a privileged position in the industry is that it is not just about the clothes. The film continues with a look at important fashion, despite the fact that the House of Z, having closed the doors in 2019.

McQueen (2019)


Although it has taken a while to get to us streamingthe documentary is about one of the world’s most prestigious fashion designers in the world Alexander McQueen, is an up close look at the most important of the creations of the designer. In addition to telling his story, the documentary is the account, in five chapters, as McQueen has found the fashion a way to express themselves, their dreams and their fantasies, a vision that is unique to you.

Iris (2014)


With a 98-year-old, Iris Apfel is a fashion icon. Fashion-forward, edgy, and trendsetting, the interior designer has a lot to teach you about fashion, style, and self-acceptance on the way to a more daring and personal. The documentary goes into the life of the icon, which has already been taken up with work on a MAC, & Other Stories), and Kate Spade, and showing the career and the personality of the Iris.

The True Cost (2015)


Have you ever stopped to wonder why your clothes cost what they cost? Includes behind-the-scenes of the production of fashion The True Cost it discusses the value of the goods, and the exploitation of workers in the textile mills. And yet, today, discuss how much of the subject matter, the documentary is to help us to open our eyes to this scene and think of the world of consumption, as it (still) is made.

Free: “Chaos and Creation (by 2016)


For those who think it’s just that Anna Wintour is living in the world of journalism, to fashion, to italy’s Franca Sozzani, on the other side of the atlantic, shows that this is not true. The editor-in-chief of the She In italy, for over 30 years, the journalist has a history of turning to the Italian in one of the greatest references in the world to popularize the work of amazing designers, photographers and stylists, and bringing it into the pages of controversial topics in the lives of women.

Jeremy Scott – The People’s Designer (2015)


Jeremy Scott is one of the designers, the most contentious issues of our time. To the front of the label Moschino and his brand, Paul brings the irreverence, the fun, and the references in pop culture to the runway the most prestigious in the fashion industry. The documentary shows the life and career of the stylist from a rural area in the united states up to one of the positions most sought-after in the world of fashion, while respecting the reputation of a rebel in the designer.

Advanced Style (2014)

Advanced Style this is an incredible documentary for anyone who loves fashion and wants to be inspired. The accompanying seven-new-iorquinas for more than 60 years, the film shows you that fashion is a powerful tool for expression and personal enjoyment. The characters have so many stories to tell and to show that fashion is more than just the dressing up, the trend is about to get to know yourself and be bold.

The September Issue (2009)


The documentary on the star of Anna Wintour in the most fashionable of the fashion industry, it is already a classic. Alongside the editor-in-chief of the most prestigious fashion magazine, the Vogue, in the crazy process of creating the September issue of the month is the most important thing in the fashion with the fashion shows, product launches and other events. In the documentary, it’s nice for those who want to understand the other side of fashion, and who later made the song popular, and shares all of what is occurring in the industry.

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