A fan of the series, Henry Cavill wins the honor of Total War: Warhammer 2

One of the great passions of the actor Henry Cavillit is The. It is painting miniatures or playing the game of strategy Total War: Warhammerthe Geralt in the series The Witcher the Netflix don’t hide your love for the franchise, the fantasy of the middle ages. For this reason, the producer, the Creative Assembly has decided to pay homage to the actor with a reference to it in the next expansion of the game.

The Creative Assembly, And Publication

In the DLC The Warden Of The Paunchthere is a character named Cavill. He is a High Elf Loremaster, and it will be on the side of the player at the beginning of the game, the faction with Eltharion. Cavill has a special quality, a “White Wolf”, which guarantees a bonus of +15 against enemies, the great”, a reference to the sorcerer Geralt of Rívia, the alter-ego of the actor in the Series.

When I saw that a certain mr Cavill you mentioned that you liked to play with Total War: Warhammer and painting miniatures in his spare time, I thought it would be fun to put it up in some way in the game, as we have done with many developers over the years“said the director of the Richard Aldridge (via PCGamesN).

With the expansion, The Warden and The Paunch comes in on Thursday (the 21st), for a Total War: Warhammer 2 of. The game is currently available on the PCvia Steam.