A video of Lady Gaga’s “killing” jair bolsonaro viraliza how to keep your head in the news


In the video, Lady Gaga slays jair bolsonaro, tea Chloroquine (Play)
In the video, Lady Gaga slays jair bolsonaro, tea Chloroquine (Play)

Lady Gaga you are being subjected to keep your head in the news in Brazil, in the last few days, in addition to a fan of a singer and release a fun video of the artist’s “killing” of the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro, with the “tea Chloroquine”.

The video was created by a designer, and an illustrator Gibran and Gomes, well-known for making drawings that hold a devastating impact of the article pops up. However, the game is made to spread the word the new album of the singeron , ended up taking the proportions of the unexpected.

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Following a news portal to share the work of Gibran, an internet user said that the novaiorquina would be being investigated for human trafficking and child abuse,” which is a lie. The information was just shocking to a few people, who have shared in the publication to do so.

One gentleman was so frightened by the news, which has come to question the veracity of the facts. The fake news was shared through a Twitter profile called NeireJB38, using emojis of the american flag and the U.S., which are common among the supporters of the president, jair bolsonaro.

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