Because it is Brie Larson, from the Avengers, this is the face of the actress in the AD; here’s


The stunt doubles deserve a lot more credit than they usually receive. After all, they are the ones who make the game crazy hard, when the actors are not able to.

However, the main actors usually get all the glory.

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However, there are some who see the injustice of it all. When you Brie Larson, she won the MTV Movie Award for Best Fight, it really brought out his stunt doubles for Captain Marvel is on the stage to help him accept the award.

How awesome is that?

We watch Movie and had a closer look at the stunt doubles for Captain Marvel and we were surprised to learn that people are beautiful and incredibly talented, they are completely deserving of the award.

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The character of Larson-in the Captain Marvel comics have some of the fight scenes, very intense. To help make this stunt look easy, it actually has two stunt doubles from the body. Renae Moneymaker, and Joanna Bennett.

Both of the women were invited on to the stage, when Larson won the award in the MTV Movie, and she made sure that the public knew about the great role that they represent.

“I would like to take this moment to really thank the two women who are here next to me,” said Larson during his acceptance speech.

“These are the women that I have known, and they were also parts I-iii of The Marvel universe. I couldn’t have done this movie without them. They are the basis of who they are. They are the living embodiment of The Marvel universe.”

Moneymaker and Bennett have many years of experience and is carried out in the world of the laboratory. According to the IMDb, Moneymaker has worked on more than 40 films, while Bennett has more than 60 papers in their career.

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However, when Larson was thanked on stage and it was probably the first time that one of them received a lot of attention for their hard work.

After the MTV music Awards, Bennett received the most attention for his work on Captain Marvel from the topic of Reddit, what was your role. Unfortunately, the Moneymaker has been left out of the conversation, but the fans had some interesting comments about the Statements.

“The real Brie Larson, looks At Cassidy,” wrote one fan.

The others agreed quickly, with such comments as: “I was just about to post the same thing!” and “Yes, even more so now that she has shorter hair”.

Katie Cassidy is an american actress who has starred in several TV series outstanding, including the Supernatural, Harper’s Island, Melrose Place, and Gossip Girl. But she is most recognized for her role as Laurel Lance on the show in the DC area, the Arrow.

Cassidy is also the daughter of David Cassidy of The Family of C-D-E.

With the same wheat-blond hair is short, it is not surprising that Bennett’s being compared to Cassidy. Although, as far as we can tell, Bennett has never done a trick for Cassidy.

Maybe someone should bring this to the fore?

In addition to the comparison with the beautiful actress in the world of Reddit, it was the beauty of the Statements.

Moment of shame at his stunt double looks better than you,” wrote one person.

Another agreed: “The real Captain Marvel is so much more beautiful than the actress, for real.”

“She’s so cute,” said another fan.

You’d have to be a very eye-catching to be a stunt double for a hollywood actress. But I agree with those fans, and Bennett, you can defend yourself against anyone in the world.

Of course, it’s not just the look of it, which Bennett said is working on it. She is not an actress in common, and it is bound to do some crazy stunts.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you spend a lot of time in the gym. In an interview with the Stylist, Bennett explained how she got into the business, and all of the years of training that is required.

“I got the job as the gymnast,” said Bennett.

“There was a program on TV, fitness video, when I graduated from college, and they were looking for a stunt. I got the job, and I was hooked. I’ve spent years learning how to fight, and by doing boxing, judo, and brazilian jiu-jitsu. My big break was in 2013, when I was a stunt double for Hailee Steinfeld in the School of Technology.”

To be real, requires a lot of hard work. It’s like being an actor, only in a much more intense, in physical form.

Brie Larson has appeared as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Ultimatum. In Brazil, the film is available on Amazon Prime Video.