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1. Brainstorming session? Your meetings can be improved

There’s a lot to like in the the home office, but the meeting is still taking up our precious time.

Spell it out: I’m not a antirreuniões. He said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. “If you can’t put the people to work together and communicate with each other, nothing relevant can be achieved. That being said, the meetings are likely to be most effective?

Of course!! And if you have a meeting that could lead to absolutely nothing at all, is a brainstorm.

Thinking on the subject, I bumped into the Design of the Sprint method was created by a few nerds of Google as well. The book is about, it’s quick and packed with techniques to improve their meetings.

In this post, is the author of the Jake Knapp discusses the main issues in the brainstorm. My attention was drawn to:

  • ideas on deep: the voice of the brainstormthe goal is quantity of ideas, and the sooner the better. But good ideas require thought;
  • personality, it overshadows the content: a brainstorm it can be a nightmare for an introvert with a good idea;
  • no results: brainstorms it can result in a stack of bills, and nothing else.

The Design Sprint is a great for a great challenge, and it takes time for the team. But how can we improve our services for the day-to-day basis?

AJ&Smart is a new agency in Berlin, which apply to the Design Very first time. They were able to develop a burst of light,” to which is referred to as the “Lightining Decision, ” Jam“, which turned out to be a hit on the internet. Principles:

  • they work together, but separatelyin : the ideals arising in the reflections of the individual;
  • to minimize the discussionby using the method of voting of the solutions in this post explains it well);
  • to begin it is best to be in the right;
  • don’t place your chip on one’s creativity.

By using a template on the (great tool in the frame of collaborative virtual), you can apply online (here is an e-book, including a link to the template). It is also worth to watch this webinar.

2. How to be a thinker and a “non-obvious”

All those years ago, Rohit Bhargava, it compiles trends, non-obvious,” and then gives a talk at SXSW. This year, he spoke to a “live“, and everyone would be able to keep track of.

My attention was drawn to it, is, of course, 5 tips to curate smart, all that you see here.

  • To be an observersee who else is leaving to pass;
  • it is a curious: I always ask the “why”;
  • it is the erratic: learn how to move forward;
  • it is reflectivestop and think;
  • it is stylish: take care of your words and create beautiful ideas.

Isn’t it?

Rohit distributed the whole week is an excellent newsletter with insights, non-obvious, it is worth to sign up.

3. The office also has the function of

Many of them are just as suited to the “the home office” you start to think that you don’t need to go back to the office. In fact, this is going to be an option for many professionals in the post-pandemic.

But the office is going to end up, not with the current state serves as a model for the the home office perfect. This can be seen in this great matter of the The value on the subject matter.

This is not a fair test to apply, it requires a redesign of how the work should be working in the company. This is not just about driving people to the home, but to re-think how they carry out their duties in any other way, while maintaining the benefits of being able to work from wherever they wantit, ” says a professor at the school of business and MIT Sloan.

The office retains its importance in the the home office, “there is a disposal of the conversation is a natural for the job, and the companies fully consolidated as of the end of the discussion, the thinking, the organization of collective work“ he reflects for a while.

4. A journey into the nature of

The algorithm used by the Series to me and suggested, “The Return“, which won the academy award for best director, actor and picture. Maybe the algorithm doesn’t know that we’re quarantined, but it was amazing, at this point, you need to watch a movie that goes for the whole of the outdoors-landscapes, icy, and beautifully shot.

The director, Alejandro González Iñárritu has “the reality, almost virtual-in which you really feel out there, with all the characters“ says the main protagonist to Leonardo DiCaprio.

It’s a film about revenge. But Iñárritu seeks to show that “revenge, when achieved, it just leaves an empty“. The interview is in a beautiful documentary film, The World Unseen, about the making of the film.

And now I’m looking at the book, a historical novel, delicious.

5. All over the world, you want to make a loaf of bread

I have said before on here that I had made the bread without the beating from Mark Bittman. But… it was not how I wanted it to. A reader gave some great tips, tricks, and, behold, it is the loaf of bread has now become a special treat. There’s still to improve, and we have a quarantine for all of this.

Here’s the recipe, which gave it some super.

In a large mixing bowl, add 315ml cool water, 2 g of yeast and fresh-50 g of flour.

Stir it all up with a whisk, then add 10g of salt and mix again.

Add 400g of the flour, and stir it with a spoon or a rubber spatula to incorporate everything.

Put the lid on, or cover with plastic film and let it rest for at least 12 hours. In this cold weather, look for a place that’s warm in the house.

In an oven at 230 ° C, preheat it for 30 minutes in a cast-iron pan with a lid.

Take a bowl, throw it on a lightly floured surface and fold the dough 2 or 3 times. Let it rest for another 15 minutes.

Line the bottom of the pan with cornmeal, and throw it in the batter, with the double down. It’s okay if you fall to half-awkward, she’s going to hit you when you bake them.

Bake in the oven with the lid on for about 15 minutes, then without the lid for another 20, until the skin is nicely golden brown.

Allow it to cool down on a grid, and voila!

6. My sound vault

There are more than 2 months at home, and it’s still going to one more time. During this period, the songs have come in and gone out of my playlist. With the help of the algorithm for the Simply, put it in the playlist of the sounds that affected me the most was (until now) that this period is so strange. The shade is up, but it does have its moments of insight.

Turn up the music to make this the home office because it’s Saturday. It seems to make no difference, but it does not take advantage of it (if you can) to break from the end of the week.

For now, that’s all. You want the most? Here you will find all the previous years. It has a lot of good experience. 😀

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