Chris Hemsworth gives clues to the cultural to eat while in quarantine – IN a


Chris Hemsworth (Photo: Getty Images)

Chris Hemsworth (Photo: Getty Images)

Chris Hemsworth, as well as to us, we are in quarantine and decided to give you a number of tips in the cultural campaign “Stay at Home”, which is being sponsored by TAG Heuer, during the period of social distancing.

In the movie, the actor revealed: “I’m enjoying it quite a lot of Ozark at the time, Jason Bateman and the cast is amazing, the script fantastic and the performances brilliant.” At the head of the Hemsworth for the isolaneto’s book, “The Art Of Resilience”, by Ross Edgley. “The writer is amazing, and the book is amazing, and the story is incredible,” said the actor. Here are the tips to full in the video below.