Demi Lovato comments on a photo of Anitta, with the main character, and the fans react to it


Demi Lovato has commented on the photos, daring to Anitta up with her boyfriend, the Gui of taste. The american singer has responded to the publication with an emoji of a flame, a comment that did not go unnoticed to fans of Anitta.

As we point out in the journal the Who, there were a lot of comments from web-surfers to see the reaction of Demi, and a lot of fans have shown up with the hope of singers to do a duet very soon.

“Because of this I didn’t expect that,” said a fellow. “I want to feat,” said another.

See this posting on Instagram

To close it you paste me @guiaraujo13

A publication that is shared by Anitta (@anitta) on the 25th of May, 2020 at 10:11am PDT

In addition to this, a lot of fans asked Demi to take part in the lives of Anitta, as it was for Katy Perry.

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