Henry Cavill could live with Superman in The Batman

In accordance with the Andthe actor Henry Cavill you can reprise the role of the Superman in Of The Dc Universe.

The film directed by Robert Pattinson it will be part of the DCEU (for more information, click here), and the introduction of the fact that the universe is the shared DCshould it happen in the Flash. However, the involvement of the Cavill the production would be the same as the ”tip of the iceberg for something much bigger that will come in the future.

Henry Cavill he is an actor and the british model, who became famous after interpreting the Superman in the three films. Eventually, though, the star has been cast to give life to the Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher in the Netflix.

Henry Cavill appears as Superman in the

The Batman it will focus on the early years of the Would Have To Be Changed how to change the world. However, it is not to be retold, and there will not be a well on the death of the Thomas and Martha Wayne just a little mention of it during the meal.

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