Kim Kardashian has revealed her trend favourite, and the ones that don’t use


The strap of the thong showing, flip-flops for heels, biker shorts… Which one do you think has won the heart of the business?

When it comes to fashion, we already know that Kim Kardashian it is the queen of fashion. We would always make a success of the bet parts of diferentonas you are out and about at the moment, such as the controversial flip-flops for heels, but believe it or not there are a few items in the fashion that it does not use. Kim has revealed all in an interview with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar by the united states.

The strap of the thong showing
In this fashion, from the beginning of the year 2000 it is coming back. She has been featured in several fashion shows, and the advantage shall adopt the following: “I love that trend.”

Kitten heel
Do you know that low-heeled as well thin? In the Images it is not very easy, it is not. “I had a discussion about it with Kendall [Jenner] about it, because it is too high, and it is just as well with a kitten heel. But it’s not for me, and I am 1.59 meters.”

Biker shorts
It goes without saying that this hit is one of the favorite it, you know? “Dan, I’ve been using it every day. I seem to remember that the whole world took fun of me a few years ago, and now I see the biker shorts all the time.”

With my jeans
This trend is not earned, nor with the Images that he loves to dare. “I would say that it’s just for a photo session or Instagram. As a hard-of-fact,” he said.

The Bucket hat
“This is so much Khloé [Kardashian] for over 15 years. I don’t like this hat, and it never has been for me.” Let’s face it, that you really don’t have much on the face of it, isn’t he?

Ankle boot cowboy,
The trend in the country is the darling daughter of a socialite: “the North loves the boots, cowboy. She got a pair for my birthday. I always think when I see beautiful girls. Thumbs up!”

Kim prefers the hats, the kind the band, but you’re trying to enjoy the fashion, the models of vacuum cleaner, because it does not dispense with a nice accessory. However, it has not been in love with any of the parts.

Dress boho (the milkmaid’s dress)
Vixe, it’s more of a trend that Kim makes it clear that it does not have anything to do with it, and it won the seal of KKW in the approval.

“I’m used to dressing in heels for a couple of years ago. My sisters made fun of me for it, but I was sure it would soon become something cool. Now all they need to.” It is true, the flip-flops to heels that is taking over the looks of the clan Kardashian-Jenner!

High shoes
Kim is superfã of the sneaker, the “ugly”, but she had to admit that even it it did take a while to start liking the shoe.

So, which of these items do you love and which ones are not enough for you? We want you to know!