Kylie Jenner in hospital with the flu, and it on the web: “a Lot of things!

Kylie Jenner in hospital with the flu, and it on the web: “a Lot of things!

PHOTO: Reproduction/Instagram

Kylie Jenner est rude aps was diagnosed with the flu. According to TMZ, the empresria’est is suffering from a doena e at the expense of feeling dizzy, and nuseas, he was admitted to the hospital, and was under observao.

A source next to the family Kardashian has revealed to TMZ that the Case has been admitted to a hospital in the region of Los Angeles, with all the symptoms of a strong flu.

The empresria, even should it be a part of the cerimnia of the primetime Emmy Awards, held on Sunday (22). However, due to the doena, it may not appear at all. In addition, in accordance with TMZ, Caitlyn Jenner turned up at the hospital to visit her daughter.

On his Twitter page, Kylie also spoke about the hospitalizao. “Hey, guys! As the vocs of you know, I was just getting ready to go to Paris for the fashion show of Balmain at Paris Fashion Week, at lanamento to my line-up in partnership with Olivier. Unfortunately, I’m too sick and would not be able to travel. I am heart broken at losing the show, but I do know that my team is incredible and my friends who are in town for the event, yo I represent. To create this collection with a Performance that has been a dream come true,” said Kylie.

“Of course, this collection not only to make a comeback… I’ve created this so that vocs could be a piece of it in an event that is incredible. I am VERY proud of the collection and the Performance of your friendship, insight, and creativity, which are printed on the products that we have created for vocs. The look for the event with me on Friday. It will then be the peak and I can’t wait. I love you, too, Jane, parabns, I am sending you all my love!!!”, finished.

Recently, it Has charmed its followers, with a record of Stormi Webster. On Snapchat, the empresria shared a video in which it appears that the little girl in his arms. If you see it in the camera, a small, open smile and is super friendly, leaving both the nurse and the proud.

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