Kylie Jenner, the delivery details for the delivery of the Stormi


The baby had to be born earlier than expected

With the anniversary of 2 years of Stormi coming Kylie Jenner he decided to recall some of the moments which he passed in the birth of their first child, a daughter. Did you know that it was a mess, and the baby was born a little earlier than expected?

“In fact, it was the birth that was induced,” said Kylie in her Stories. “I thought we were going to have it on the 2nd of February, in the year 2018, and it came out before it. They broke my bag and I’ve had it for 45 minutes, then,” he said to her. Nice!

kylie-jenner-birthday-stormi Kylie Jenner at the party for 2 years, Stormi

Kylie Jenner at the party from 2-year-Stormi (Playback/Instagram)

During the meeting, Has said that it wants to tell more in detail about the birth of her daughter in a video on her YouTube channel.

At that time, the manager decided to keep the pregnancy a secret, and only told me that I had become a mother after Stormi was born. “My pregnancy has been something that I’ve chosen not to do it in front of the world. I knew that I needed to prepare myself for this new role in my life in a more positive, stress-free and as healthy as possible,” she wrote when she announced the news.