Lady Gaga is postponing the release of his new album “Chromatica”

Lady-Gaga-and-the-new-stage Chromatica

After you destroy the entertainment industry with the cancellation and postponement of concerts and festivals, and now the Coronavirus arrives in the office.

Lady Herone of the biggest names in music, overall, has announced that it will postpone the release of its much-anticipated new studio album Chromaticadue out on the 10th of April.

In an official press release, the pop artist said that the new date is still up in 2000, but it is not specified, nor is the month of the release:

First of all, I want to make sure that everyone is safe and practicing social distancing. Please know that I am thinking of all of you….

I want to tell you that after a lot of deliberation, I made the incredibly difficult decision to postpone the release of Chromatica. I’m going to announce a new release date of 2020 is coming soon.

This is such a rough and scary for all of us, and even though I do believe that art is one of the most powerful things that we have to promote joy and healing to one another during times like this, it just doesn’t feel right to release this album, with everything that’s going on in the global pandemic.

Instead, I’d rather focus the time on solutions. It’s important to me that the focus is on providing equipment to health professionals, in order to make sure that kids who depend on schools for food to be served, and that we can help those who are financially affected by a pandemic.

Lady Gaga, and the biggest party in the world

In the text, Gaga has also revealed that he had planned several activities for this new series, as a show of surprise at the festival, Coachella music festival, which has been delayed to the second half:

To my fans, I love you…. I know that you are disappointed. You probably are angry and sad. But I also know that, as a fanbase, as a family, we are strong, we are kind, we are also the values of loving-kindness. So, I’m asking for you is to practice kindness during this period as a difficult one.

I hope that you will be able to see that by the time the album is actually released, and I want you we can dance together, we sweat together, we hug and kiss each other, and to do it in the most bombastic celebration of all-time. To this day, WE are ALL going to STAY AT HOME. But I can promise you that we can go out again, and I’m going to be SO much FUN. I can’t wait to dance with all of you!

It should be noted that, as a large symbol of entertaining, it’s possible that the singer may have started a movement, which is to be followed by many other bands, artists and record labels delaying the release of the records for the second half of the 2020s.

Research has shown that the consumption of digital music has declined over the past few days, on account of the Coronavirus. At home, people don’t have shown to be in the habit of listening to new playlists, songs and albums, how they going to work, riding the subway, or driving, for example.

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