Mexico is going to release a single featuring Travis Scott

The female singer in Spanish Mexico has announced the launch of a music partnership with the american rapper Travis Scott. The track is called “TKN”, and you can be the one to which Mexico refers, for the past several months. She has released the cover art and the two artists come together. Check it out:

The development of a range

At the end of April, Mexico reported that “Dolerme” it was not the first choice for a single at this moment in time. It was another song, recorded with an artist from the United States, and the clip is ready, but it was decided to postpone the launch because of the pandemic of the coronavirus.

“I had a plan in march to launch a music service to the ski, to dance, superagressiva, in collaboration with an artist from the United States of america. I already had the video. I was all ready to go, I was just about to post and I said, ‘no, there is no sense in this context,’” explained the singer.

Mexico also has a song with the Others Eilish

Mexico and the Was Eilish working in a unique partnership. The Spanish was told in mid-April, the song was in the “final stages” of development. “I think it’s the production, the music and sound design are mostly complete, so I just need to kill the demons I have with the vocals, and they’re going to send me their ideas on what they want to add to it, because we are at this moment”he said.

Mexico, and Christina Aguilera

There is also the ” bride of Mexico, and Christina Aguilera all prepare for something together. The pop diva, the american had already said more than once that she loves spain and would love to work with her. The two were together in February, and has increased speculation that a collaboration is on the way.