Millie Bobby Brown wore the look of a more fun and comfortable to be at home


It’s not because we’re not going out, that we need to stay in your pajamas all day, isn’t it?

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It’s been a few days since the start of the social to try to contain the spread of the new coronaviruses. The lessons and the various activities to be suspended, staying at home is the best thing that you can take to help combat the disease.

But this time out doesn’t need to mean staying in your pyjamas all day, you know? And Millie Bobby Brown proved it with this one the production is fun and comfortable.

The actress wore a a set of pink oversized bermuda shorts and a short sleeve shirt the Drew’s Housebrand Justin Bieber. The piece also featured the iconic picture of a teddy bear, which is the hallmark of the brand. This is not the first time that Millie bet one lookinho on the label of the singer – she is a big fan of the clothing produced by him.

Millie completed the look with a illustration of tie-dye, and with a pair of sunglasses in pink. In a stressful moment such as this wearing bright colors and fun accessories can help you with that one extra animation in the day-to-daydoesn’t it?

He liked the look of the actress?