New tune Friday: a round-the-world-with Lady Gaga, Now, United, Mexico, and the Dolly Parton – Showbiz

The wait has been long, but the day has come, and now Lady Gaga is once again the centre of attention this Friday, the 29th day of may, she released her sixth full-length studio album. “Chromatica” has arrived in the midnight, in the service of streaming music, and it became immediately one of the topics most talked about on Twitter around the world.

“Sour Candy”, the theme for the ” Lady Gaga of the group, k-pop, BLACKPINK, it opens the playlist with the weekly FROG-the Mag on Spotify. In addition to this new single, “Chromatica”, and that it happens in the “Novel,” and the soundtrack from “Once A Star is Born”, is led by the singles “Stupid”, “Love” and “Rain on Me”, a collaboration with Ariana Grande, which, according to Universal Music, was the biggest debut of the year on Spotify.

This week, in Mexico, and Travis Scott, it also brought to light a brand new a single. The two artists have teamed up for “TKN,” and takes fans on a journey from Barcelona to the united states.

For the british artist of Heaven, one of the great promises of the pop-up, the young singer / songwriter Alec Benjamin and the super-world bank group-New the United, are also featured in the playlist with the weekly TOAD the Mag, like Dolly Parton, who is back with her new single “If Life is Good Again.

Ana Bacalhau, who’s going to be a guest at the premiere of the new line of the FROG-Mag, Fernando, Daniel, Adriana, Calcanhotto, Pop Dell’arte, and André Viamonte also have singles of new.

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