Post by Joe Alwyn for proof that he is in quarantine with Taylor Swift


In the last photo you posted of Joe Alwyn it is a pure love!!! The actor, 29-year-old used the Instagram Stories to share a photo of a kitten, which is exactly the same as the Taylor Swift.

All the Swifties know that she Lover is the proud mother of three cats: Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button. And the image is given by Alwyn, the thing seems to be the newest member of the family, named Benjamin.

On click, it is hidden inside of a bag from the grocery store. In another photo, the star of the Harriet appears drinking wine.

With the post, it is clear that Joe is going to the quarantine to the side of Taylor’s.

And it’s safe to say that the lovebirds are each day more in love!

In February, the star of the Cats celebrate the birthday of a girlfriend with a private dinner at the Bob Bob Ricardin London, uk. According to a source, Ed Sheeran, Cherry Seaborn and other close friends were on the site.

In addition, Taylor also spoke briefly about the relationship in her new documentary, Miss American.

I’m falling in love with someone who has a pretty normal life, well-balanced and down-to-earthit, ” she said.

During the quarantine, the Taylor’s, helping those who have been affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

At the beginning of the month, she had a slide show of the inside of your home for One World: Together At Homewhich has been organized by the Lady Gagathe organization The World Health the The Global Citizen.

In addition to this, in march, the singer has donated the money to those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.