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The MC and her, Lady Gaga, and Matheus and Kauan (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The MC and her, Lady Gaga, and Matheus and Kauan (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

She’s back!!! Lady Gaga has released the Chromaticathe sixth album of her career. The singer, who’s already dominating the charts, with the partnership of Sour Candywith BLACKPINKbreak will be on hiatus for four years without releasing an album of new works. Check it out!

You Take A Pro-Cantin this is the new single from the MC and her. The track, which is part of the EP Carentenait is a full of the sensual, and the pace at the top of the trap to be signed by LK, a member of the rap group 3030.

Mexico and Travis Scott they released the first single and the music video for TKN. “Travis is an artist who I admire a great deal since the beginning of his career, and I couldn’t imagine a better artist to take part in this song. I feel that now is the right time to release this track after so many months in the house, a sense of lack of freedom, and the people that we love,” said the singer. Check it out!

10 Years ago at the Beach this is the brand new DVD, Matheus & Kauan, to celebrate a decade of her career. The project was recorded at the beginning of the year, in the city of Recife. Listen to it here!

Kevin And Chris released You Can Play. With the win an a bet on the unusual combination of funk music, with stringed instruments, incorporating them into the strum of an acoustic guitar and a solo guitar arrangement.

Kell Smith re-released The Old man, and a Good New one. On their second album, the singer-songwriter delves into topics such as vulnerability, love, mental health, and the re-signification of mourning, a 12-track original. Check it out!

LADAMA has released the lyric video for The nobility and he announced that the next live album for the month of June. The video was directed by the collective, in pernambuco, the Productions of the Ordinary. Watch it!

The Bahias, and the Cuisine of Minas gerais they released an EP While We Have Been Away. The video for the single, and we Were in the Rain has a variety of guest appearances, Including Araujo, Debora Nascimento, Juliana Paes, Lea T, Djamila Ribeiro, and more.

There Gatie gave the fans a special track, If-I-Fall-In-Love –. The canadian also made it a mystery on the social network, about the possibility of releasing one more track still to this day. “The first two verses of this month’s released! Do you want to guess what they are?”, played the singer in the profile in Instagram. Watch it!

Rico Dalasam has released a brand new EP with five tracks, which tell of pain and comfort. Designed and produced by him, the City, the Track, and Dinho de Souza, Dolores, Dala, the Caretaker of the Relief it has the participation of the Chibatinha (the Àttooxxá). Check it out!

I Have Heard You Say, this is the brand new hit single from the Naldo with Mc Kekel. With the clip recorded in February in the year 2020, the rental choice was a lounge in São Paulo, which brought on a scene of light and a modern design, with geometric shapes, quite different from that of the classic cars, pool parties and plenty to drink.

Leo Vonthe son of a Ronnie Vonmade his debut as a producer with the band – On Hold –a partnership with the singer, the producer, Mister Jam, Paulo Jeveaux. Check it out!

The american actress and star of the pop music Danna Paola has just released a new track The sole. In the clip, which is entirely home-made, and it was recorded with a mobile phone has captured the very essence of the bill.

ÀIYÉ has released a clip from the The lung shot on location in the Uk. The video shows the artist in a performance fluid, but at the same time, so upset. Look here!

It’s a Hit this is the brand new single from the Naiara Azevedo. in partnership with the colombian singer Greeicy. The unreleased track, brings a sound with a footprint in very Latin america and is sung by Naiara and Greeicy in Spanish and Portuguese, respectively, to form interleaved.

Matuto-of-Fact this is the brand new single from the Mano Walter. Most of the pictures in the clip that was recorded in the ownership of the singer, where he is with his family during the quarantine, with the help of just a camera guy -taking care of the horses, loading hay, and even driving a tractor. Check it out!

Lore Improta released The Lava The Lavamore songs from the project-infant In the World of Lore. The band stresses the importance of washing their hands in a fun way.

Leandro Romani they released the music video for You Bite. The track is the third, unreleased DVD’s Love and Adventure. Watch it!

By Rodrigo Alarcon has released the music video for Even though you Want towith the initiative accessible by the deaf community. The song has the participation of the Abacaxepa. Check it out!

miss released the single ” unheard-of patthat comes with the internet. The video shows behind the scenes of the recording sessions and live performances of the artist’s work. Watch it here!

By Renato Enoch released on the single In the Midst of the trials of the Worldwith the involvement of the Thais Despite. The song, which was recorded two years ago, has been completed during a period of social isolation. Look here!

Mariana Froes released The Door with the participation of the state Phil take a look at. The single, which comes accompanied by the lyric video is a compilation of love, but the feeling after the trauma. Check it out!

Blue Eyes this is the brand new single from the Joey Mattos. The singer became a household name when she took part in the program The Voice Brasil. Check it out!

Sienna has released the music video for The. The letter brings up a lesson that promises to fill your heart and to connect us with those we love, in the time of social distancing.

Arthur Favero and System Gullo they released the song It will be. “The isolation has been quite remarkable for us to look at the situation, came to the desire to pass on a message of hope, that there is the best light to see all this change, and joining with all of you at this moment ask the question, what will life be like from now on”, says the Bia, and Arthur. Watch it!

Jon Jon. it launched the funk This Is A Quarantine, telling the story of a couple who decide to go through this detention together. Listen to it here!

Jevon released on the music and the clip The Ghetto Cinderella. The video was filmed at the Dance the Charm of Madurai, in the past year. Watch it here!

A tribe on the Outskirts made for the music Photoshop. The video for the new song that was written in February, prior to the social. “Of all the songs that we had to release this year, this one has a lot to do with your time. In face of this pandemic, we have to show each and every time, more and more the feeling that we have for those we love. We opted to bring balance and peace to its listeners, and this song is about love and transformation,” says Duckjay.

The song ” carioca Anezzi released Our Relationshipin partnership with the musical program Lourena. The song is the first from the brand new EP from the artist, to be announced, and comes up with a theme romantic, and a sound that wanders between the rap and R&B. Check it out!

The pair Fiduma & Jeca he released the full-length album Alcooústico 2. “I think that was the album that I liked to write until now. Do you have music of all styles to share the amazing, in addition to select a lot of our growth, as people and as artists,” he explains Fiduma. Listen to it here!

The singer Kafé has released the acoustic version of the track We are 3who has won an atmosphere that is quite romantic-in a new format. The song, which is one of the biggest hits of the artist, it brings out all the charm and softness that only the voice and the acoustic guitar, you are able to deliver the big hits. Check it out!

Another Ralk and Mojjo released 9PM (Till I Come)in a re-interpretation of the classic dance music of world”, originally by the German artist ATB. Look here!