Rolling Stone · Was Eilish proves that it is still the # 1 fan of Justin Bieber; watch

During the programme, Karaoke Carpool, a 17-year-old sang a verse from Ludacris on the song “Baby” perfectly

Last Thursday, the 19th, Was Eilish it was in the program Carpool Karaokesubmitted by James Cordenand he sang great hits such as the “bad guy”, “all the good girls go to hell”, “ocean eyes” and “when the party”s over.”

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After the performance of a high-energy, Shortly the long-time noted by the time that you first met Justin Bieber at the Coachella music festival the year 2018.

During the entire weekend of the Coachella music festival, and I was like, ‘don’t I surprise you with Justin bieberBieber“she had a Corden. “I can’t stand. I can’t… I Have to make it to this show, and Justin Bieber it will be there. So, I went to see Total [[Great]I was just there to stop you… and I saw this… and I know the body language of it, and I know how it is, and I know how he wears the pants…”

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“Then I looked, and I was like,” she went on. “And he was there. It didn’t even come close to me…. It was like a foot and a half from me, perfectly motionless.”

Fortunately, a colleague of mine from the show that has captured the incredible reunion in the video, so that it can come back to it for ever.

Then, during the interview, you Was Eilish it proved that it is even the biggest fan of his singing to perfection and the back side of the Her in the song “Baby.”

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After that, the host of the The Late Late Show surprised Eilish with a ukulele so she could teach him how to play. “I wrote my very first song on the ukulele with my friend, I think I was about seven years old,” she said in the Cordon before I touch a piece of it. Then, the pair has jumped to the music “ocean eyes”.

“This music has given me in my life,” she said. “I was 13 years old writing this song. This song makes me emotional … and, Well, this song is the reason I have the life I have.”

Check out the video below: