[SPOILER] exceeds She, as a princess of the most powerful of the Disney


Despite the fact that the description is not technically correct, Elsa, Frozen, is regarded as the popular princess from Disney.

Her powers over ice and snow to make it pretty powerful, but don’t be fooled: there’s a princess, is still the most powerful in the Series.

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As incredible as it may seem, the beauty, of The beauty and the Beast, it’s the most powerful princess in the Disney and here is the Observatory of the Film trying to prove it.

To fully appreciate just how mighty Nice it is, it is necessary to review the two major scenes of beauty and The Beast. Right after that she agrees to take the place of her father as prisoner in the Beast, Belle goes back into the room of the Beast and the Rose Enchanted, tied to their knees.

When the Beast has to find out, he yells for her to come out, and it’s a Beautiful, terrified, he escapes from the castle, only to be attacked by a pack of hungry wolves.

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Fortunately, the Beast comes and defends the beauty, suffering a serious injury in the process. Instead of leaving you to die, Bella decides to save it, and then the next scene shows the Beast on the back of the horse is Beautiful as it takes you back to the castle.

Considering that there was no one to help, Nice to take the Beast into the back of her horse, she should have taken the Beast – it looks like it weighs more than a gorilla (an adult – by his own account, stating that she has an incredible amount of physical strength.

Nice, also shows her strength on the screen at the climax of the movie, during the fight with the Beast and the applicant is a narcissist with a good, Risk. While the Beast and climb up the walls of the castle to get to Belle, Gaston stabs him through his heart.

The beast almost falls off the tower, but before he could lose control of the Beautiful, and the pulling back of the security. While the Beast was holding at least a portion of the weight of that time, while keeping your feet on the wall, a Beautiful, yet had a level of superhuman strength to prevent it from falling.

In addition to this, a Beautiful, accomplished both of these feats while it seemed to be relatively calm, indicating that she did not need to do the usual increase of epinephrine to increase his muscle power – and reveals that it is always a very, very strong.

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Disney has never explained why it is Beautiful, it look so strong, but for a long time, fans have speculated that this was connected to magic, or to the inventions of his father, Maurice. Regardless of the was intentional or not, it seems that walt Disney left no doubt as to what is Beautiful in your princess of the fittest.

In the film, Belle, was played by Emma Watson. The live-action movie of beauty and The Beast, Disney, he made his debut in the fall of 2017.