The actress of Pretty Little Liars return Cara Delevingne for the song, and sitteth on the web


There are rare cases of romantic Hollywood stars who can last for a very long time – and in the Face Delevigne is another one that turned out.

The actress and model is 27-year-old, best known for the live Magic of in-Squad-Suicide (2016), recently revealed on Twitter that her relationship with Ashley Benson has come to an end.

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“As for me and Ashley, we are finished”, and he published the Face on her social networking site, but without entering into the details.

The face and star of Pretty Little Liars were on a date in may 2018, and until now, the reason for the termination was not known.

The one that left the fans shocked, on the internet, however, is the fact that to find out what Ashley Benson is now going out with another guy.

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According to the Cut, a series of photos of flagraram During the shop with a new york rapper, G-Eazy in Los Angeles.

“I don’t want to live in a world where Ashley Benson ended up with Cara Delevingne for a date with the G-Eazy,” he said to a fan on Twitter.

“Ashley Benson went from Cara Delevingne to G-Eazy’s the worst demotion in the history of… you do is pvp?”, he told the other.

“If you’re thinking that you’re making bad decisions, if you remember, Ashley Benson ended up with Cara Delevingne for the sake of G-Eazy,” wrote a third.

In spite of the photo, there is still no information on whether, in fact Ashley Benson, and G-Easy are in fact having a romantic relationship.

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