The murders in the number of indigenous people in the new film from martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is already working on his next film. This is from the “Killers “of the flower moon’ (‘the Killers of the moon of flowers”, in literal translation), which will be released by Apple, in partnership with Paramount pictures, and will be, Leonardo DiCaprio (“The wolf of Wall Street”) as one of the main characters.

Martin Scorsese begins work on ‘Killers of the flower moon is less than a year after the release of ‘The irish’, a feature film released in the Series, and it marked the return of the filmmaker to the world of the mafia.

The script work is done by Eric Roth, which is responsible for such films as “Forrest Gump” (1994), and “a star is Born” (2018), and will be based on the book of the same name from the american journalist, David Grann, author of “The lost city of Z,” which also became a film). In Brazil, the work was first published in the year 2018, under the title, the word by word translation.

To Hollywood to a standstill for a pandemic of a new coronavirus, it is not known when production on the feature will begin, and a date for the premiere have not yet been announced.

The killing

In “the Killers of the moon, to the flowers,” Grann tells the story of the murder of a member of the tribe, Osage, native americans in the present-day state of Oklahoma, in the early decades of the 20th century.

The story of the murders, it refers to the end of the 19th century: in 1897, a major oil reserve has been discovered in the lands of the Osage. Two years later, the venue was the national attention of those who saw the “black gold” for a chance to get rich quick.

The tribe of Osage, was also interested in the possibilities. Exploring for oil and many of its members have begun to get rich quick and leave your community.

A law of 1906, however, that this oil should only be administered by the united states government, subject to the payment of royalties to all the members of the tribe.

Some have bought cars, others decided to leave the U.S. and go to Europe, and they have come to be called “the richest, on Earth, in every nation, clan, or social group”. In 1923, the Osage had accumulated some US$ 30 million, so that the correction for inflation, would be equivalent today to some US$ 400 million.

The united states Congress were to have met. In 1921, the law has determined that all of Osage, which has more than 50% of the ancestors a native american in need of a legal guardian for the administration of the finances until they have demonstrated competence to do so.

Today, it is well known that the law has been established on the basis of the lobbying business as white that they wanted a chunk of the proceeds to the tribe. The keepers were held to be the legal heirs of the Osage, although she does not have any relationship directly with them and right now, you may wonder where this story is going.

In may, 1921, and was killed at the first Osage. Her name was Anna Brown. Its share of the earnings of the oil have been passed on to her mother, and her sister Kyle. With the loss of her daughter meant that she was entitled to three portions of the proceeds from the oil to it, to the deceased’s husband, and Anna.

In June of that year, by William K. Hale, of the origin of the English, he persuaded his nephew, Ernest Burkhart, to marry Mollie Kyle, a daughter of her sister, who came quickly, even during the past month. The marriage caused Burkhart to be the guardian of your spouse.

A month later, Lizzie’s mother was found dead. Evidence later suggested that the poisoning of the alcohol was the method used for the assassination, but, again, this is a directly guilty has not been identified.

Photo: The disclosure

All three pose for the camera. In a sitting, and standing

Rita, Anna, and Mollie, of an indian tribe in the Osage

Rita Smith, the daughter of her sister, she inherited all the rights of the mother, and life went on for about two years.

In march of 1923, she and her husband were killed in an explosion in the residential and the legacy of the family and was passed on to Mollie.

With the death surrounding him-the family, the pattern suggested that Mollie would be the next one on the list. Burkhart and her husband, he would inherit a large fortune. If he also died, his uncle, Left to become the legal guardian for the money. In this thesis, it was underpinned by the Historical Society of Oklahoma, an organization that preserves and promotes the history of the state.

But the story of the Osage has followed a different path.

The investigations and convictions that have

To the family of her sister Kyle wasn’t the only one to be in front of the mysterious deaths. Leadership Osage called in march 1923, the federal government, to investigate what was going on.

The task fell into the hands of their id card (Office of Investigations), which, in the course of the following decade, came to be known as the FBI (Federal Office of Investigation).

At that time, the two were a very tiny office, and very important, within the u.s. Department of Justice. It was for this reason that it has been entrusted with the task of, given that the U.S. government had no interest in expending great effort in order to understand the situation.

Investigators have been sent to the county, the Osage, and soon began to realize a name is widespread in a significant number of deaths: William K. Hale.

They were descendants of the English, and had a small empire of cattle-ranching in Texas. Keeping an eye on the oil in the State, the employer, in his own words, he wanted to be “king of the hills-Osage”.

Photo: The disclosure

The man in the hat, the glasses, the suit and bow tie looking to camera

William K. Hale, who was still by oil from Oklahoma and texas.

Knowing that it could be charged at any time, They threatened and blackmailed the residents of the county, the Osage, and forcing them to not say anything at all if it were to be challenged in court. He has also planted false leads to distract you as well.

In 1925, with a two-year investigation, the officers of the BI have decided to go a different way. Disguised themselves as sellers of insurance, doctors, and farmers, and have been slowly gaining the trust and confidence of the residents of the county who were gradually opening up and providing evidence to the office, I put in a formal complaint.

The two pressed Burkhart, who opened up the game and confessed that they were behind the deaths of Osage. Others, like Kelsie Morrison’s car thief who killed Anna Brown, also pointed to the farmer as the mastermind behind the whole scheme.

Also in that year, and by the pressure of the people, the law forbids the possession of the Osage were to be inherited by people who were not descendants of the tribe.

When he was arrested and placed on trial in 1929, he was condemned to imprisonment for life. However, in 1947, he received probation, and that he died of natural causes in 1962.

Burkhart has also been sentenced to life in prison, and did not receive a conditional release, but a full pardon for his crimes, and in 1965, under the leadership of then-governor Henry Bellmon, the republican who has been harshly criticized for the decision.

Although in the case of the family of her sister Kyle to be the best-known of the dozens of other families in the Osage have gone through the same situation.

The official said that at least 60 of them were killed in the decade of the 1920’s as a direct result of the scheme, from the Left, but it is estimated that the actual number is in the hundreds place.

Many of the victims had marks of violence, and so were the deaths seen as a result of accidental poisoning, indigestion, or unknown causes, and, therefore, not entered into the official count.

The other members of the scheme, They have never been identified, and all the other deaths that have not been answered.