20 movies to watch without leaving your home

With a diverse selection, including works of national and foreign companies, to see it in the comfort of your home. This is the objective of the press of the LIBERAL, they subscribe to the tips.

Among the works recommended, as it has the comedy, the drama, the suspense, the adventure, the police, the romance, the animation, and a lot of the acting praise. It’s a cavalcade of great actors and a good story.

Between the Knives, and the Secrets of production are in the four-players – This One’s Easy.

Andrea Rossi, Reporter for the Towns

Between the Knives, and the Secrets of
You like detective stories or books of Agatha Christie, but you’re sick of the same old formulas, same-sex relationship? I’ve got the solution for you. The sharp-witted screenplay to Rian Johson makes the film “in Between the Knives, and the Secrets,” a thought-provoking experience, given that it is almost impossible to guess how the story will play out. Daniel Craig is excellent in the role of a detective Benoit Blanc as Anne-of-Arms showing because he is a star on the rise.
Where: Apple TV, Google, YouTube, and Live in-Play

A few movies that I had an impact on both the 2019 and “She”. The story follows the relationship between David and his niece, Amanda, is in the midst of the events that drastically change the everyday life of Paris. With an aesthetic that dates back to the 1970’s, the drama shows how difficult it is to adapt to a reality that can no longer be modified only by our own will. From the previous, and to take advantage of this gem of the French cinema.
Where: Apple TV, Google, YouTube, Live, Play, NOW

Rodrigo Alonso, Reporter-Sports”

Hold me If You can
The drama tells the true story of a teenage girl played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who runs away from home, forges a rembrandt-quality checks, in order to survive, she adopts a different identity and is wanted by the FBI.
Where: Netflix

Still, Ralph
The animation is set inside the world of arcade, where the characters, the behind-the-scenes, next day, as the common people. The main protagonist is Ralph, a villain from the game Fix-Felix, Jr.
Location: Amazon, the Movies Play

The Holouka
A reporter from the towns and Cities

“O Father, O
On the eve of the carnival, the Pelourinho, heart of Salvador, and all over the world try to secure their place on the streets, be it at work or for the fun of it. The film is a fun, light-hearted, in bahia, but are loaded with ideas.
Where: On YouTube

The girl copy
Amy, who disappears on the day of the wedding. The appearance of the union’s collapse, and her husband becomes the prime suspect. He tries to prove his innocence, she investigates what really happened to his wife.
Where: Netflix

Diego Juliani – city Editor

The Road Of Lawlessness
On the other side of the story of the notorious criminals Bonnie and Clyde. Comes with the hunt for the two ex-Texas Rangers, a couple of burglars in the USA from the age of 30. Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson in the roles of the principal.
Where: Netflix

The Bird Box
The Oscar-winner, Sandra Bullock, based on a novel by Josh Malerman, it is set in a world taken over by the unexplained events that it makes people commit suicide. Remember the stories of Stephen King.
Where: Netflix

Marina’s Zanaki – Reporter for towns and Cities

Perfect Blue
The japanese anime follows the story of a pop artist that decides to change the course of his career. Imagine a movie that plays with your perception of reality, and it has a lot of face in the frame. Perfect Blue-change-of-gender-and-break of the expectations many – fold, and that’s a great thing.
Where: Netflix and YouTube

In the express today
In the future depicted in the movie, and the people who live on a train that is in motion. In this microcosm, unfolding the power relations and the domination of the upper classes. The film will be made into a series by Netflix, and it was directed by the same director of the award-winning Parasite.
Where: Netflix

Paula Nacasaki – Reporter / producer

The Seven – the seven capital offences
Thriller, released in 1995, chronicles the work of two detectives, one of them is at the beginning of his career, and on the other, in the course of retirement. Together, they investigate a serial killer who performs his crimes, which are based on the deadly sins. The plot is captivating, and reveals that sin may engage any person, who is supposed to be far away from him. The acting in this movie, Brad Pitt, and Morgan Freeman.
Where: Netflix

And if you Were a league of its own.
The plot tells the story of a doctor who is only focused on the job and ends up suffering from a severe car accident which left between life and death. And in that trance she is in love. In addition to this, she fights against all odds to survive. This fact calls attention to his repentance, when he saw that he left the whole of his life, then and now, you run the risk of not being there in the future. Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles and Reese Witherspoon.
Where: Netflix

Rachel Bristoti – assistant Editor

Across The Universe.
As the name suggests, the movie is a great remake of the Beatles ‘ songs. A story which has the backdrop of the united states, the decade of the 60’s and 70’s, the production involves the audience, especially the beatlemaníacos. But it is a note: this is a kind of music, since a good portion of the movie is sung.
Where: HBO Go

A Fun, Mind – This One’s Easy.

A Fun, Mind
I love the animation for the children which they bring powerful messages for adults as well. Fun Mind this is an example, and he does it spectacularly well. It shows how our emotions and control them, in a literal sense in the film, and the body. At the time of the pandemic, and social distancing, it is worth taking a look (or act) for the animation to be used in the us as a reminder of how joy and sorrow go hand in hand.
Where: Netflix

Bruno Moreira. – City Editor, and Coordinator of the Journalism of the radio You have AM and FM radio-Gold

Jewels By The Gross
Half-thriller, half-policeman, but regardless of the genre, as a test of the breath. To follow is the personality of the erratic and supporters of the Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), along with the effects of it in your normal routine, it causes feelings such as confusion and nausea, along with the unlikely, and not recommended for a bond.
Where: Netflix

The Report
Based on a true story, follows the trajectory of the solitary Daniel Jones (Adam Driver), whose task was to lead a research Program of Detention and Interrogation, the CIA was established after the terrorist attacks of 11 September in the united states. In disgrace, he is able to construct a timeline of what methods have been taken as a State secret, and is unknown by those who were in the seats of the most influential people in the american government.
Where: Amazon Prime Video

Juno – This One’s Easy.

John Colosalle – managing Editor

With a well-deserved academy award for best original screenplay back in 2007, the film explores the lives of Juno, a teenage girl who becomes pregnant and is in search of a perfect couple to raise her son. The highlight of the soundtrack.
Where: Amazon Prime Video

The story of a Marriage
The film is a marriage between a theater director and an actress, who has a son in the midst of the quarrels, reconciliations, and living in different cities. It has acting, script and soundtrack is overlooked.
Where: Netflix

Maira Torres, Reporter, and producer

Princess Mononoke
The seventh film from Hayao Miyazaki, a director known for big hits in japan. In the book, a young prince is cursed while fighting to protect his tribe. Fated to die or transform into a demon, literally, animal of the time, it is in search of a cure and a solution. It is at this point that you know of later work, and he decides to help her out in a larger battle, which will determine the future of the relationship between man and nature. The animation is not so recommended for a child who takes delight in the magic of the beatles in Japan and a stronger role for women.
Where: Netflix

Paradise Lost
The film is set in a private music show of the same name, directed, starred in and arranged for one family. The plot unfolds when a police officer Odair moves closer to the family, when he was hired to protect the Magnet, the granddaughter of the owner of the Lost Paradise, and the target of frequent attacks often. As he gets closer the family comes in contact with a close look at the relationships, striking in between each and every member, and even some of the others, which involve their own mother. It’s a brazilian movie and it’s innovative that it addresses sexuality and the family, stuffed with a lot of music is cheesy. One of the highlights is the range of the weight, with Erasmo Carlos, seu Jorge, Jaloo, Marjorie estiano by van .. wmv, Lee-Taylor, ” The His-and many other great actors.
Where: Netflix